The Enclosure Company aim to provide a unique service to electrical engineers, project managers and facilities managers who are looking to lighten their demanding workload. Recognising that time is crucial, and the need for a service which eases the job of sourcing enclosures, our mission is to do the legwork for you, providing quality enclosures at competitive price points, sourced from all major manufacturers.

We understand how time consuming it can be simply talking to the plethora of potential suppliers. Knowing who to trust for quality can also be a gamble, as can achieving the right buy price. Our ongoing relationship with most major manufacturers, coupled with decades of experience, mean that we can point you in the right direction. We continually work with manufacturers to lever our buying potential to get the very best price we can for YOU, meaning in many cases you will save money while being assured of great quality.

The Enclosure CompanyWe have recently added three new ranges to our ever-expanding catalogue:

A new paradigm for rapid enclosure installation and maintenance

Our new pro-range is all about ease of use. These cleverly designed enclosures will change the way you think about how you use, install and maintain your enclosed items.

Check out a short video introducing you to the possibities:

High quality, low cost enclosures.

We recently brought this range on board as we realised that some of our customers were seeking a reliable robust enclosure with a long service life, but were working to tight budgets. We think these are great value for money.

They can be viewed at:

New Ex range; for those demanding environments.

This range of stainless steel High Voltage Junction Boxes been have designed and developed over 40 years of supplying the oil and gas industries. They are available in bespoke sizes and designs including air purge (Ex p) for higher voltage application and IP68 for permanent or temporary submersion.

They can be viewed at:


These represent new and exciting products in our range, but are no means exhaustive. Please stop by the Enclosure Company website and either use our handy search tool or browse through our extensive ranges.

Our customers include rail networks, power stations, the oil and gas and marine industries, electrical engineers, project managers and even electronics enthusiasts. Save yourself some time and money, get in touch with us today.

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