Everything you need to know about maintaining and cleaning your stainless steel equipment


In this post, Cleveland Containers, offer some top tips and advice on cleaning stainless steel equipment in the electrical sector.

We work with steel on a daily basis, as we clean and reuse old steel shipping containers into many different weird and wonderful creations, from pop-up shops to garden sheds and everything in between. Essentially, we know a thing or two about keeping it looking its best. Hailed as the saviour of all materials, it’s highly regarded due to its resistance to corrosion, staining and reaction – something which sets this alloy apart from its counterparts.

Five fires per day caused by white goods in England

white goods fire

Electrical Safety First calls on government to provide extra protection against electrical fire risks in tower blocks

Last year, 1,873 fires[i] were caused by domestic electrical white goods such as dishwashers and fridge freezers in England, the equivalent of over five fires per day[ii].  Following confirmation from the Metropolitan Police that a fridge freezer was the initial cause of ignition at Grenfell Tower, Electrical Safety First (ESF) is calling on government to  provide free mandatory electrical checks for homes in tower blocks.  According to ESF, access to these free checks is essential to ensure that tenants in tower blocks are safe from electrical fires.  

V-ZUG launches Combi-Steam MSLQ oven

Combi-Steam MSLQ oven

Many of us want to lead healthy lifestyles, but often find our hectic lives can make it difficult to do so. By combining the speed of a microwave with the benefits of cooking with steam, homeowners can now combine both technologies in one appliance. Therefore, as a leader and pioneer in combi-steam technologies; we’ve been determined to create solutions that answer this need.  Our new Combi-Steam MSLQ oven does just this as it helps people to cook healthy meals, yet quickly and easily.  It is time saving as the microwave function knock off a third of cooking times, plus it has 65 pre-set inspiring recipes.  Whilst being time saving, it’s also proven to preserve essential nutrients by tests carried out by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, so there’s no compromise.

Liebherr revolutionises refrigeration design with BluPerformance


With smart technology dominating the appliance market, it is clear that the market will only become more saturated with new products that offer the latest in smart technology. For us, our new BluPerformance models have been designed with interconnectivity in mind to fulfil the demand for smart appliances in the kitchen. 

The Premium BluPerformance models have an optional SmartDevice box which allows simple integration into smart homes via WLAN, facilitating convenient remote control of appliances from mobile devices, both in and outside the home. This means homeowners can now control their appliance even when they are away from their home, perfect if they have forgotten to change the function of their fridge-freezer whilst on holiday. 

Charity's call to cull counterfeiters via digital economy bill

Hair straighteners

With 64% of fake electrical goods now being sold online[1] – and 44% of MPs surveyed[2] believing counterfeit electrical goods are a problem in their area - Electrical Safety First is asking stakeholders and other interested parties to support its call for increased consumer protection in the Government’s Digital Economy Bill. 

Although the Bill is primarily concerned with broadband connectivity, the Charity believes it offers an opportunity to address major concerns regarding loopholes around selling counterfeit electrical goods online.

Gripple trapeze range now the fastest way to install M & E services

With the launch of the Gripple QT Trapeze Plus the company has provided the fastest and easiest method of installing suspended pipe and electrical services.

The QT Trapeze Plus enables quick twist attachment to a Gripple Universal Bracket.

The latest addition to the popular Gripple Trapeze Plus range also integrates an easy-to-use adjustment button to ensure perfect levelling and a locking screw whichprovides ultimate security. 

Furthermore, a fail-safe clip is also incorporated to secure the new Trapeze to the bracket and prevent unexpected movement. 

In common with other members of the Trapeze Plus family, the QT single install method also ensures consistent, accurate installation as well as peace of mind. 

CCTV…Don’t make aftercare an afterthought


Whether it’s budget, location, ease of use or positioning; with so many options available in a packed market, buying and installing your own CCTV system has never been so simple. And that’s a concern says Toby Metcalf from Zycomm, the communications group….

Surveillance and vigilance are on the agenda more than ever before. It’s no coincidence thenthat anyone can buy a complete CCTV kit from 101 retailers and install it that day. Job done, right?

Whether it’s a commercial or residential installation, too many of us underestimate the importance of CCTV maintenance. Here’s just a few reasons why aftercare shouldn’t be an afterthought…


QUADSAW: The Tool That Drills Square Holes


The world’s first tool that can drill a square hole has been launched. 

For years, electricians have struggled with rulers, pencils and handsaws to cut holes in walls for electrical sockets and other boxes. This method lacks accuracy, creates mess, and can take over five minutes to cut a single hole (including ‘making good’). 

QUADSAW solves this problem thanks to its unique four-blade technology, which enablesusers to cut square holes in seconds, with minimal dust and absolute precision.

No marking up or measuring is required when using the QUADSAW as it has built-in spirit levels and a height gauge for ease of use. It is the ideal addition to any toolbox for both professionals and DIY users.

Harvard Technology launches pioneering programmable driver range


Harvard Technology, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of energy efficient lighting solutions, has unveiled the latest innovation in the CoolLEDrange, a ground-breaking range of programmable LED drivers.

The new programmable LED drivers range provides complete freedom to control the output power of an LED driver in any configuration, with drive current programming in 1mA step increments and smooth dimming options.

High performing and feature rich, the LED programmable driver range offer sunparalleled efficiencies whilst also excluding the need to carry multiple variants as stock items.

Your chance to win a £500 holiday voucher!

Think you’re a fast worker? Now you have the chance to prove it by taking the Tauras Gland Challenge.

SWA is offering a top prize of a £500 holiday voucher – plus many other prizes – for the quickest fitting of its revolutionary new Tauras cable gland.

“We know that time is money for busy electricians and we have already proved that our Tauras gland packs save an amazing 60% on installation time over conventional armoured cable glands,” says SWA’s Marketing Manager, Colin Fletcher.

Powering the show


~ Power distribution specialist exhibiting at event-industry show ~


Power distribution specialist ide Systems will be exhibiting at the Showman’s Show at Newbury Showground, Berkshire, from October 19-20, 2016. The company is using this opportunity as a platform to promote its new website ide Online. ide Systems will be exhibiting in avenue E at the event.

The event, which has taken place every year since 1984, brings together leading event-industry service providers from a number of specialties, including electrical equipment, lifting and transport hire, as well as event organisers.

How Service Is Re-Shaping Product Design

How Service Is Re-Shaping Product Design

Not long ago I saw an article about Tesco’s recent decision to ditch the crescent-shaped croissant. My first thought was, why? Surely a croissant not shaped like a crescent ceases to be a croissant? Turns out that’s what consumers want. (Straight croissants make it easier to spread the jam apparently).Products should always try and meet the needs of the consumer and Tesco’s customers have spoken.