LED lighting has really taken the world by storm over the last few years, and a new e-commerce company from Leicester hopes to compete with the big players in the marketplace with its new, no-nonsense approach. Indeed, by offering the most comprehensive, user-friendly descriptions of its products, LED Monkey’s aim is to inform and never baffle its customers.

LED Monkey is the brainchild of Managing Director Gary Iley, himself a veteran of the trade signage industry with 16 years as Managing Director of Sygnet Signs, a company with a 44-year history.

“We’ve been using LEDs to illuminate our signs ever since they first appeared, so we’ve gained a great deal of knowledge about every aspect of the technology,” says Iley, adding “Sygnet has become one of the country’s top manufacturers of illuminated signage, so the progression is a really natural one for us.”

He goes on to say, “Our purely web-based company went live on the 1stof November and already we’ve experienced an almost overwhelming demand! People seem to like the style of our product descriptions and have been responding very Leicester Minnows Take on the Big Boysfavourably to the information they find there. Some companies simply give their customers a specification table and hope they’ll make an informed choice based on the information they find there. We, on the other hand, like to present a kind of story that people will want to read and interact with via links to blogs and articles related to the product they’re thinking of buying.

Since the advent of the internet, people have become more discerning about the products they buy and now demand the best, most reliable information in the form of reviews and descriptions. We aim to go one further than massive e-commerce companies like Amazon, with every one of our products having a custom-written description in easy-to-understand language.

While a new LED lighting company might not seem all that exciting in itself, Iley believes this Inform -not-Bafflestrategy will win the hearts and minds of customers, as they realise what an enormous endeavour it has been for his small team. Indeed, to complete all the site’s content has been a gargantuan task, with one writer then two working for a year on the project.

Leicester Minnows Take on the Big Boys“It isn’t easy to provide completely exclusive descriptions for so many LED products,” says Mark Atkinson, the website’s chief writer; going on to add, “Each product, whether it be a GU10 LED bulb from GE, a length of LED strip light or a premium LED fitting by Collingwood, has been given its own, unique description and we really don’t think there’s another company out there that can match this commitment to quality.”
Check out the LED Monkey website at: https://ledmonkey.com and see what you think of this new way of marketing LED lighting! 



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