Let’s face it, if there’s an easier way of doing something, most people will at least give it some careful consideration. So, when it comes to your van, why would you not look for something that makes driving easier? The automatic van market is sparsely populated with most vans on offer being smaller models such as the Citroën Berlingo, Ford Transit Connect and Volkswagen Caddy. However, with the release of increasing numbers of automatic medium size models, like the Citroën Dispatch and Peugeot Expert, van buyers now have a greater amount of choice.

As you would expect, the advantages of driving an automatic van are similar to driving an automatic car. Firstly, automatics are easier to drive. Having a van with automatic transmission could lead to less stress behind the wheel; without the hassle of changing gears, you can give your full attention to the road, which is particularly helpful if you’re travelling in unfamiliar territory or trying to follow a sat nav.

Urban and city driving also involves frequent gear changing because of having to stop at traffic lights and junctions – something that becomes a non-issue when driving an automatic. Similarly, having a van with automatic transmission is very handy if you’re stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway or any other road because you don’t have to worry about operating a clutch or getting fatigue in your left leg.

Automatic Vans

With gear changes out of your hands, the van’s engine can perform to its maximum fuel efficiency. It is programmed to choose the optimum time to make the shifts meaning that you will experience a smoother ride and more economical driving, which in turn means a higher mile per gallon (mpg) ratio and less time spent at the fuel pump. As a result of their superior gear changes and greater fuel efficiency, automatic engines also generate lower CO2 emissions as well.

If you’re running a business with numerous drivers and even multiple vans, having an automatic van means that absolutely anyone with a license can drive it. You might have employees that all have full driving licences now, but in the future, hiring someone that is only able to drive automatics won’t be a problem.

Buying a van is a big investment that will only depreciate, so you should give some consideration to how long you’re planning on keeping it. Thinking about selling a van before you’ve even bought it is a strange concept, but if you’re going to change it again and refresh your fleet in a few years’ time, resale value is important. In the used market, automatic vans tend to have a higher resale value because of all the points mentioned above and the fact that there are fewer of them available, making them high in demand, but low in supply.

Automatic Vans Are A Thing

Automatic vans are available at Loads of Vans in North Cheam. Typically, they take 12 weeks to deliver from factory order, but Loads of Vans have various models and colours in stock now. You can contact them on 0208 644 4000 to talk to them about their current stock and personalised finance lease quotes.



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