Electrical wholesaler CEF significantly reduces fleet downtime and fuel costs by installing Lightfoot
City Electrical Factors (CEF), the UK’s expert supplier of electrical products and services, which has a network of 390 stores across the UK, has installed award winning in-cab technology and rewards platform Lightfoot into its fleet of light commercial vehicles and Aspire graduate trainee cars. As a result, CEF reports that vehicle downtime has dropped by 45%, while fuel costs have been cut by almost 12%.
Installed primarily to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the production of harmful emissions, CEF has also seen significant reductions in the frequency of accidents involving its vehicles. 
Ian Thorn, CEF Fleet Operations Manager, comments: “Downtime has decreased from 2.01 days in 2015 to 1.11 days at the end of 2017. That’s a 45% reduction in the amount of time our vehicles are out of action and equates to a significant six-figure annual saving.”
The reduction in accident rates is an increasingly important benefit of Lightfoot, which encourages more efficient driving styles.  As Richard Whitehurst, Group Manager for CEF, says: “Lightfoot is an excellent device.  It creates a smoother driving style that helps keep our teams safe and ensures that our employees’ welfare comes first.”
Adopted by CEF as part of their ongoing commitment to go ‘above and beyond’ for their customers, Lightfoot has helped CEF’s drivers to consistently find their engine’s ‘sweet spot’ through real-time audio and visual feedback in-cab.  This, coupled with the introduction of rewards and incentives, has effected a huge change in driver behaviour, with the majority now striving to drive as efficiently as possible. This results in significant reductions in claims frequency and value, along with lower fuel costs and vehicle CEFdowntime.

Martin Kadhim, Director at Lightfoot, commented: “When CEF came to speak to us, they identified how important the role of the van driver is in developing a good relationship with their customers.  They were interested in a solution that worked with the driver and rewarded them for better driving.  Lightfoot’s real time feedback, which helps nudge drivers toward greater efficiency, combined with our rewards platform, really appealed.
“CEF’s drivers have really taken to the concept of being recognised and rewarded for safer and more efficient driving.  They are more aware of what’s occurring on the road around them and, as a result, they are involved in fewer accidents.  This has led to reduced risk on the road, fewer delivery cancelations, less stress among drivers, lower emissions and increased fleet efficiency.”


Kadhim added: “Because Lightfoot relieves CEF’s fleet management of the need to process huge amounts of data, which is typically necessary with traditional telematics systems, they have been able to focus on actions that are going to have the biggest positive impact in the shortest possible time. 

 “In the case of Richard and his fellow group managers, Lightfoot has enabled them to quickly and efficiently identify and address any problems through driver support and training, enabling the fleet to deliver maximum efficiency.”


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