Since January 2018, all local space heaters manufactured for sale into the EU must comply with a minimum efficiency standard under Lot 20 of the Energy Efficiency Directive. Christian Hadley, head of product marketing for Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation, which includes the Dimplex brand, takes a look at the impact so far... 

The new regulation is driving the biggest change in electric heating for decades. Lot 20 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED 2015/1188) states that all local space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU after 1st January 2018 which use electricity, gaseous or liquid fuels, must comply with a minimum efficiency standard. Many products have been redesigned to include more advanced controls with smart features such as temperature control via open window detection, and even adaptive start control to suit the individual requirements of the property. 

Many products manufactured by Dimplex already had smart functionality, such as Quantum off-peak high heat retention heaters and the Q-Rad electric radiator. Q-Rad, for example, includes a delayed anticipatory control – the heater decides when to turn on to ensure target temperature is achieved at the selected time. Many more Dimplex products have been relaunched since January, and even entry level products now have integral electrical temperature/timer controls to meet the requirements of the new regulations. 

The emphasis on product redesigns, of course, lies with manufacturers. So, what does this all mean for the electrical trade? 

One of the areas where installers are starting to see the biggest difference is with the set-up of devices at the point of installation. More sophisticated controls placegreater responsibility on the installer – both setting up the controls and educating the customer. To help, Dimplex has developed innovative control units which are consistent across different electric radiators throughout its range to ensure consistency and speed for installers.

This is a chance to add value to an installation and, more than anything else, spend time with customers. It’s a compelling reason to make contact with previous customers and sell them on the efficiency and cost-cutting benefits of modern, Lot 20-compliant products. Electrical heating - Smarter for the trade, smarter for your customers  

Remember, intelligent controls with added features such as timers and setback can (and should) be set up at the point of installation to meet the specific usage requirements with greaterindividuality than ever before. If set up correctly and matched to the lifestyle of the specific user, features like this can result in better comfort and lower costs – the two most commonly identified factors that people are looking for from anelectric heating system.

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