The new Metway MDCC12D DALI lighting control module and distribution box, coupled with the advanced DALI SmartSensor opens up new possibilities in classroom lighting control, combining advanced control features with easy installation, commissioning, setup and use.

The compact DALI SmartSensor incorporates control for up to three rows of lighting or for individual luminaires. Wall switches may also be connected for the operation of the main room lights and an override at the teaching position for the whiteboard.

As standard, the sensor offers absence control plus graduated daylight dimming with offsets for up to three rows of lights.  Additionally, optional sensors may be fitted to provide true row-by-row dimming or to extend the detection area.  Presence control is also available when required as an alternative to absence detection.

Up to five MDCC12Bs may be connected together, using simple two core cable to accommodate installation in larger areas, with a maximum of sixty luminaires connected. The system uses industry standard G Type side latching black / blue connectors for fast and reliable installation.

The system is also ideal for meeting rooms, board rooms and similar installations.Metway Smartsensor

The MDCC12B is simple to install with twelve pluggable connections for the luminaires and two pluggable outlets for the SmartSensors. The MDCC12B even has a template to aid installation. Configuration is achieved by using a simple handheld infrared remote control.  The MDCC12B and SmartSensor finds and automatically addresses all DALI luminaires, making setup and commissioning fast and easy.

The MDCC12B, powered DALI connection box, used in conjunction with the SmartSensor and Metway’s prefabricated connecting cables, delivers a ‘Plug and Play’ solution that provides all the benefits of an addressable DALI lighting system without the cost or complexity.

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