Crimp technology goes ‘Micro’ The days of tired hands are over with the Klauke micro battery operated crimping tool. The clever light weight design is powered by a 9.6V Li-ion battery providing a powerful solution for panel builders or any application where high volume or high handle loads are present.

A pre-clamp feature allows the user to feel the connector and position it correctly before the ‘Powersense’ technology takes over to complete the crimp. The Micro can be used to replace manual ratchet crimping Image for pre-insulated connectors (0.5 – 16mm2), Cu tube connectors (0.5 – 25mm2) and cable end sleeves/ boot lace ferrules (0.14 – 50mm2). The resultant crimp is controlled to ensure full closure of the jaws which means more crimps can be made with repeatable results, improving productivity and quality of connections made.

The Micro features the Klauke Intelligent Pressing System (IPS) which allows the user to download usage data from the tool, detailing how many crimps have been made, the date and time they were completed and the fact that they were all completed to full jaw closure. Used with the Klauke Freeware it creates time and date stamped quality certificates which improves traceability for any manufacturer.

For more information or to request demonstrations please contact:- Klauke UK Ltd tel 01986 891 519 The On-line special and video can be seen at Download the data sheet at

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