Industrial manufacturers needing easier and more secure installation of heavy duty cables will benefit from HellermannTyton’s new reusable clamp. The Ratchet P-Clamp will change how manufacturers install cables because it simplifies the whole process whilst simultaneously leading to users saving time and money.


Designed to offer versatility when managing wires, cables and hoses in all environments, the product works both indoors and outdoors. Its reusable structure allows for the possibility to fix wires, cables, hoses and pipes on a single mount in two separate work steps.


The Ratchet P-Clamp can be securely closed by hand to the desired diameter, which complements the release feature that allows for a non-destructive removal of cables by using a screwdriver. Moreover, its unique ability to be reused in many different environments, allows for installers to save money and also simplifies the maintenance process by removing the need to replace with bolts and screws. The clamp is strong and closes to the exact diameter the installer requires; by easily placing the bundle in and closing by hand, the product rapidly secures the installing process.


What makes it stand out in the market is that there will be four different sizes with four different angles, which alongside the cradle on top of the clamp, means it’s easier to apply cable ties for any situation that an installer may come across. HellermannTyton has designed the clamp to be as sturdy as possible; the design automatically centres the cable so that insulation is not pinched and can be closed to predefined tensions that meet assurance requirements. Moreover, the fact it can be pre-installed and re-opened with a simple flathead screwdriver, means that it reduces the number of clamps in an inventory drastically.


From the shipbuilding industry to the rail transportation sector, all heavy industry markets will benefit from theReusable clamp launches in UK market to bring ease to heavy duty cable management ease of use and adjustability of the Ratchet P-Clamp. Named after the sound it makes when clipped in, it is leading the way for clamps in the heavy duty sector. It is impact modified, heat and UV stabilised and is resistant to chemicals and salt spray – this product is reliable and can be used in most environments.


Jasmina Prill, Product Manager at HellermannTyton believes: “The Ratchet P-Clamp offers rigged bundle management for heavy duty applications. This product is an innovative solution offering versatility, durability and ease of use and installers will benefit from the time and cost savings the Ratchet P-Clamp will bring. Available in four different sizes and several mounting configurations the one-piece adjustable clamp minimizes part inventory for our customers.”

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