Haley Products make brackets for supporting tray and basket fixed to walls, ceilings, under floors and suspension from threaded rod and suspension wire products. Here is all you need to know about Haley Cable Tray Brackets.

Fixing Cable Basket and Cable Tray to walls

Fixing Cable Basket and Cable Tray to ceilings

Under floor support brackets (These brackets are also used as standoff brackets) Suspension of tray or basket

We have been manufacturing and supplying Haley Cable tray support brackets since 1986 from our own premises in the UK. Haley brackets can be purchased from most electrical wholesalers or fixings distributors. Call us for more details of where to obtain supplies or for samples.

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Stand-off Brackets

Stand Off Brackets have pre-inserted friction clips that ensures it remains in place, even when it is fixed in a vertical position. You can use the Haley Stand Off Bracket with all known makes of cable tray and Basket (i.e. Universal). Simply slide the spring clip into alignment, and secure the tray with the special case hardened mushroom headed screws, supplied in every box, and tighten using a No.2 pozi screwdriver. Alternatively a battery drill* or pump screwdriver can be used, fitted with a magnetic bit holder and No.2 pozi bit, such as the Wera Rapidaptor and Bi-Torsion screwdriver bit for quickest installation. M6x16 ZP case hardened Tray Bolts included.

* Watch torque setting.

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Ceiling Brackets

Haley Ceiling Brackets are ideal for you, the electrician, when installing tray or basket to ceilings, including timber joists. Designed for side loading of cable into tray and basket they are ideal for supporting cable tray and basket runs parallel to ceilings. It fits over strut or direct to ceilings and walls. Up to 150mm can also be used for suspending on threaded rod. Sizes available up to 450mm.

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Wall Brackets 

Haley Products Wall brackets provide a versatile method of installing cable tray perpendicular to walls. For this use a standard masonry fixing or to a length of vertical framing channel. They are economically priced, can be fixed over strut or directly to a wall and are available for tray from 100mm up to 450mm. Haley Wall Brackets can be used in retrofit applications using 2 standard Wire Rope Grips. Also available to support cable basket. 

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Easy2Fix Framing Channel Internal Connectors

Imagine if you could have an internal connector for framing channel (strut) where you didn’t have to worry about loosing the tiny screws. Or struggle to secure the connector with them.  The Haley, Easy2Fix, Framing Channel Internal Connectors offers this. It is simple and easy to use. It comes already assembled so there is no more fumbling with tiny self tapping screws that invariably get dropped and lost, and the screws only need a standard No.2 pozi screwdriver. Slotted channel is no longer a problem. The securing screws are spring loaded and can be adjusted along the slots in the connector to avoid the slots in the strut.

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