Business technology progresses at a rapid rate. If you don’t keep up, it can be very easy to lose out to your competitors. We see businesses time and time again fail to invest in the right technologies and, as a result, their growth stagnates.

It can be all too tempting to stick with what you’ve already got. The initial investment in new tech can often seem too high. That said, when you factor in the improvements your business will gain, particularly in the form of extra efficiency and productivity, taking the plunge and staying at the forefront of business technology makes more and more sense.

The majority of electrical contractors have to be very selective with the new technologies they invest in. Sadly, budgets are rarely limitless! That’s why we thought it would be helpful to share with you two ‘must-haves’ to give your business the best chance possible of continuing its growth, without breaking the bank.


Install a unified communications system

How amazing would it be to fully integrate your business’s communication channels? Imagine the improvements to productivity if your staff were able to communicate with one another and quickly share data, no matter where they’re working from.

Or the benefits of not being restricted to a phoneline. Rather than having several contact numbers for different lines such as your office or mobile phone, you could have the added mobility of having a single number that will get to the right person, whether they’re sat at their desk or are out and about on a site.

A unified communications system can do all this and more. Even better, this technology is becoming more and more affordable too. For an electrical contractor in an important phase of growth, these systems are fully scalable and can grow with your business. If you want to improve the service offering to your customers, whilst also having a direct and positive impact on your own business’s performance, a unified communication system, much like the Gamma Horizon system, is definitely the way to go. You can learn more about unified communication systems here
Comms Consult.

Keep up with the latest print technology

Nobody likes spending too much and nothing can negatively impact your growth plans quite like needless expenditure. Printing and photocopying is something every business takes for granted, however making sure you keep up to date with the latest technology can actually help you save a lot of money.

Printers and photocopiers are becoming more efficient, meaning you can benefit from big energy savings. The best thing is, with modern technology, you can have these substantial savings whilst also enjoying improved performance.

If you decide to take a lease out for your printers and photocopiers, you’ll be in a great position to stay up to date with the latest technology, without having to spend a fortune upfront. With servicing and maintenance contracts also available, you can make sure these energy savings continue throughout your lease too. You can find more information on the latest printers and photocopiers and the various packages available here
Copy Print Services.


So, there you have our top picks to help your electrical contracting business stay on track with, and perhaps even speed up, your growth plans. With so many business technologies out there, it’s important to pick the right ones to invest in. Starting with these two, you’ll be putting your business in a great position to continue growing.

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