WeBuyPremises.com work with expanding businesses to help them grow further through our property services. 

We do this in two ways. We offer Sale & Leaseback services to businesses, allowing access to capital tied up in your premises to fuel further growth. Also, if your business needs new or additional premises but you cannot afford a deposit, we could purchase the premises for you to occupy on a lease.


Who are we & What do we do


Hello, Electrical Trade readers. My name is Ben Clarke and I am a director of WeBuyPremises.com. We are a commercial property company based in Manchester but operating nationwide.  


How can we help you and your business?


We want to help your business grow and we believe we can do that through our property services.


If you own your business premises but need some additional cash in the business (who doesn’t?) then you should consider WeBuyPremises.comselling the premises and occupying on a lease. In this type of transaction, you will still look after and insure the premises as you currently do, but have a substantial cash injection to drive the business forward.


If you require additional premises, perhaps due to expansion or relocation, but the deposit is something that you cannot afford, we can help. We purchase new premises for expanding businesses, meaning that we will buy you your ideal premises for you to rent. If you have found the perfect property, but it is ‘for sale’ rather than ‘to let’, we would like to step in and purchase the property for you to occupy and grow your business from. 


If you would like more information about our business and our services, please call us on 0843 289 5561 or email me directly via ben@webuypremises.com



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