Advantages of using a satellite dish over Ariel

Digital TV: Selecting a receiver

The digital switch over has transformed how we watch TV. Television services are constantly changing to improve and enhance our individual viewing experience. TV is no longer a ‘one size fits all’ deal, besides exceptional picture and sound quality, recent digital packages offer tonnes of new features to better the user experience. Services such as on-demand viewing, HD channels, live replay and catch-up allow us to interact with content and as a result we can highly refine and adapt the way we choose to watch TV based on our personal preferences.

What happens when subsea cables are damaged?


We’re now living in a more inter-connected society than ever before, largely an outcome of the technological revolution. However, despite our best efforts, glitches still occur and technology can fail us from time-to-time. While the most we have to deal with is a smashed smartphone screen or an unresponsive laptop, what happens if the problem is located deep on the ocean floor?

In excess of 350 subsea cables measuring 550,000 miles in total line the world’s ocean floor. They work by delivering cross-country internet collection. We’ve become dependent on them — but what happens when these essential connections are damaged?

The role of women in engineering

The role of women in engineering

According to the Women’s Engineering Society (WES), less than ten per cent of engineering professionals in the United Kingdom are women, the lowest figure in Europe. Latvia, Bulgaria and Cyprus are leading the way, with female engineers making up almost 30 per cent. Here, Helen Marston, engineer at specialist resistor manufacturer, Cressall, discusses the role of women in engineering throughout history.
In 1914, the National Council of Women was created, with the aim of getting women into work as men joined the armed forces to aid in the war effort. These women changed the face of engineering forever, being highly praised for their skills and expertise.

Do you have a requirement for a small 8-watt Constant Voltage or Constant Current LED Driver?

 8-watt Constant Voltage



Ecopac Power has available from stock the APV-8E and APC-8E series manufactured by Mean Well

These Mean Well 8-watt plastic enclosed LED Drivers have been designed for use where space is at a premium and cost is an issue. They are available in both constant current and constant voltage options.


The constant current APC-8E series are available with 250mA, 350mA, 500mA or 700mA and180 - 264VAC input. The constant voltage APV-8E series is available in 5v, 12v and 24v, and can operate from -30°c up to +70°c with only free air convection.


New infographic reveals why the UK should learn to love the white van man

white van

A new infographic by van leasing experts LeaseVan has been created to celebrate all things to do with one of Britain’s iconic vehicles – the humble white van!


They’re a staple of the UK’s road network but, for many, they are seen as a bit of a nuisance. However, is this really a fair view of a road user which not only delivers many vital necessities to consumers, but also serves as the backbone of the motoring economy?


Kobi Electric adds James Highgate to develop national accounts

Kobi Electric, one of the nation's leading manufacturers of commercial and industrial energy efficient lighting fixtures, has added James Highgate as a sales representative responsible for developing national accounts.


Highgate's appointment coincides with Kobi's launch of several game-changing LED products, including LED Commercial Down Light Retrofit Kits, LED Under Cabinet Fixtures and LED Linear High Bay Fixtures. Kobi Electric has earned a reputation for designing, engineering, manufacturing and delivering the most sophisticated, cost effective LED bulbs and fixtures on the market for application in residential, healthcare, education, institutional, churches, hotels, hospitality and warehouses.


Work Safety Solutions

Our aim is to make it simple and easy to choose the Lockout equipment you need


Work Safety Solutions will help you and your employees work in a safer environment. This will prevent accidents, reduce downtime, and improve maintenance schedules.


Lockout Tagout products provide a solution to hazardous energy control and here at Work Safety Solutions we have a large range of branded quality products at competitive prices.

We specialise in Lockout Tagout products and will be able to provide more technical information and advice about the items on our website. If you have any doubts about the products you need please phone our sales team who will be able to discuss your requirements


We provide the following:-

Pressure on businesses for power redundancy

power redundancy

~ Specialist calls for automatic power redundancy in light of BA power failure ~


Power distribution specialist ide Systems is calling for businesses to reconsider their electrical infrastructure to ensure reliable power in the event of failure. The call comes after a critical power failure at a British Airways’ (BA) data centre resulted in at least 75,000 passengers being grounded and cost the business an estimated £150million.


Dewalt XR flexvolt 54v range sets a new standard for cordless power tool performance

• New DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT power tool range offers the flexibility of cordless technology and mains equivalent power from a 54V battery

• Sustained all day operation for onsite heavy duty construction application, without cable inconvenience

• Wide range of 54V power tools to suit any job

• Cross-compatible with 18V tools, providing the complete cordless power tool system


DEWALT is launching the industry’s most powerful range of cordless power tools to guarantee sustained, all-day onsite performance without the need for mains power supply. 

Electrical training provider continues to bolster its team

Electrical power training specialist, The Faraday Training Centre Ltd has appointed a new lead tutor during a period of rapid growth.

Middlesbrough-based The Faraday Training Centre Ltd has bolstered its expertise further with the appointment of George Harpham, in the role of lead tutor.


George will provide a range of electrical training to clients in a variety of industries including oil and gas, marine and offshore, engineering and construction, chemical, government and the public sector, both in the UK and internationally.

Asbestos Training - The Wrekin Housing Trust

Asbestos Training - The Wrekin Housing Trust

The word asbestos can strike fear and alarm into the hearts of social housing landlords but knowledge and understanding can bring peace of mind, so appropriate training is the answer. The Wrekin Housing Trust has been providing cost-effective training solutions to landlords and their tradespeople throughout the UK.


It’s true that asbestos is a killer. It is responsible for 40 lung cancer deaths each week and is the single greatest cause of work-related deaths in the UK.


Incorrect handling of asbestos can be a costly matter. Hefty fines running into tens of thousands of pounds are not unusual for landlords failing to comply with HSE regulations when dealing with asbestos. 


A guide to securing your business


Research shows that commercial security is a hot topic. It was revealed that there were around 4.8 million crimes committed against business premises in England and Wales in 2015. With businesses becoming aware of the security threats their business could be exposed too, it’s important to make sure your premises are secure. CCTV systems providers in Newcastle, GPS Installations explain how you can make sure your business is protected. 

Don’t forget to lock up 

New product mitigates power failure

die systems generator connection point

~ Specialist launches generator connection point to reduce downtime ~


Power distribution specialist ide Systems has launched a new generator connection point (GCP) to mitigate downtime caused by mains power failures. The product, which is ideal for office buildings, healthcare facilities and retail blocks, allows backup generators to be quickly and easily connected in the event of an unforeseen electrical failure. ide Systems is the only manufacturer to offer this type of connection unit in the UK.