Remote security is imperative to any business. With remote monitoring security technology, guards can use mobile phones and high-speed internet to monitor commercial security systems on their business premise in a stimulating environment. The technology works in an easy way. Sensors detect any abnormalities and respond by triggering an alarm system. The alarm may be triggered by motion or heat sensors, audio detectors, or door and window contacts. The CCTV cameras broadcast live events on the target area to a remote monitoring station. The events are displayed on a screen viewed by guards in the monitoring station. 

Within the business premises, security guards may be on site to monitor the situation manually by zooming in and out of the CCTV footage to give themselves a better visual sense of the world around them. As well as this, guards can improve their view of the situation by switching between different cameras which are installed on site, because this way more of the premises can be monitored. 

Guards ensure to watch everything with full use of their brain and eyes as a way of determining the appropriate response to what they see on footage.Computer vision is cyber securitythe science that tries to give a better capability to a machine by getting a better understanding and analysis of information from a single image. Applications of computer vision include security and surveillance, for instance CCTV surveillance, which can allow guards to see a visual sense of the world and fully identify any potential crimes or crimes that have occurred within the premises. 

An animal sniffing around may trigger a false alarm that may require resetting instead of calling the police. Activities such as trespassing, burglary demand the immediate response of police. Therefore the cameras help with the timely response to crime and even aid in case of a disaster such as fire. Another advantage of remote monitoring is the fact that guards can forward intelligent information concerning the burglary to the police. Such information is essential in tackling burglary effectively. 

Access control Systems

Access control systems are imperative to ensure maximum security for your premise. With access control, you ensure only authorized individuals can access restricted areas of your business. 

The system works by first of all identifying the person. After successful identification, the system must authenticate the person so that it only grants access to the right personnel. The system can use a variety of methods for verification such as passwords, finger prints, smartcards and encrypted keys. After successful authentication, the system is now able to grant access to designated areas. 

Access control systems allow your business to regulate and monitor who goes where and at what time, including who can enter your business premises and who cannot. This may require the installation of sophisticated systems that use smart cards or biometric systems. A biometric system is an automated method of recognising who a person is depending on their physiological or behavioral characteristics. Biometric systems will scan for unique identification features such as finger iris, fingerprints, and palm prints as a way of seeing who a person is. The best thing with any access control system is that it leaves a trail for audit. 

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV and video surveillance allows your business security to view and record events from different parts of the firm. Not only do you monitor the safety situation of your cctvbusiness, but you also observe the behaviour of your employees. CCTV can protect your staff as well as your assets. You also eliminate false alarm and improve the response time. Camera surveillance system can incur lower liability and insurance payments, thereby increasing the business’ premiums.

More recently, new forms of technology have come into place, as well as smart cameras too. The smart cameras are a great way of keeping an eye on your business property of an evening when nobody is there to monitor it. The smart cameras will connect to other forms of smart technology such as smartphones, computers or tablets with the use of WIFI which will allow you to view a livestream of the cameras placed around your business premises. Software is available for you as a business owner to download to your device in order to connect to the CCTV cameras. As well as this, messages and alerts will be received through your smart technology if the camera happens to pickup any movement within your work. 

You need to consider high definition cameras that provide fine details and allow you to zoom and pinpoint with high precision. The cameras offer high resolution pictures that security can use for facial detection, number plate recognition, access control and other security functions. Your business can use recorded footage as evidence in a court proceeding. 

Intrusion detection 

As a business owner, you need to know when an unauthorized person enters your premise. You need a rapid detection system that allows you to respond in real time. The detectors sound an alarm in response to an intrusion. You can opt for a system that provides an instant video coverage when an intruder breaks into your establishment. 

In contemporary time, there has been a general shift of technology, in other words everything takes advantage of constant internet connection, including a home or a company data securitybuilding premises. IoT devices are a great security solution for your business premises, including a range of systems such as the Piper NV which monitors your building and allows you to stay connected wherever you are, or the MyFox Security system which combines a variety of different security systems to work together to detect movement within the premises. 

Anyway, an intruder alarm system is a must have installment in the most vulnerable places within a business premises. This way you can protect your business, as well as your employees from any intruders. 

Here are some intrusion detection options for your business.

Motion detectors

A company can install motion sensors indoors or outdoors depending on the required security system. Motion sensors improve the security of your premise. They detect movement in designated areas and immediately send a signal to the alarm system of your business. If the peripheral alarm system gets breached without sounding an alarm, motion detectors will sense the burglar and sound the alarm. Pet-immune motion sensors nowadays eliminate false alarm due to pet movement.  

Glass-break detectors

Many burglary cases show that intruders gain access via the window. Therefore, these particular detectors function by monitoring the sound and vibrations from breaking glass. You will need a suitable glass-break sensor for your business premises that is tamper-proof with dual shutter recognition technology and is adequately monitored. Glass break sensors are small, simple to use and relatively inexpensive.  

Contact detectors

The detectors have an option for doors and windows. They are quick and easy to install. When activated, the detector system will send an alarm signal when someone opens any window or door. The system consists of a circuit that has contacts on the door or window. The connections remain intact closing the circuit when the door is closed. However, opening the door breaks the contact and circuit which sends a signal to the security alarm system. 

Control panelsaccess control

The control panel is the communication hub of the business security system. All the security devices in the entire security system send their report to the control panel. Video storage and alarm transmission occur here. 

Installing control panels in different sites allow you to access the security system from multiple locations. You should locate the control panel in an area inaccessible to intruders. 

Protection against cyber criminals

With a well-developed security system, you will also need to protect the system against any potential  cyber-attacks. Cybercrime is very common and sophisticated form of crime. Cyber criminals attack any time, so you need continuous monitoring on your system. 

As forms of technology improve over time, and security software gets more advanced, cyber attackers tend to ensure that they keep up to date with all this latest technology. Because of this you should ensure to have your security systems tested for penetration attacks for added comfort that you are protected completely as a business. As well as that, you should have your whole business evaluated for the protection of your assets and employees. A risk assessment is also very valuable in order to add to your levels of security. On top of all this, you should always stay up to date with the latest software and have continuous monitoring so that you as a business are ahead of the game! 

A great security service can ultimately upgrade your commercial security system easily. Here are some security services that can provide added benefits to securing your business from cyber attacks:

● Security Reviews of your Infrastructure

● IT Health Checks 

● Client Security for Kiosks

● Regular Testing and Audits

● Forensic Analysis

 By Simon Parker



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