A new technical course has been launched to boost the skills of personnel working with high voltage electrical equipment, within the maritime industry.

Teesside-based electrical power training specialist, The Faraday Training Group has launched the Refresher in the Safe Operation of Offshore/Maritime High Voltage Power Systems course, in response to customer demand for refresher and reassessment courses for the maritime industry.

The aim of the course is to provide refresher training to electro-technical officers, senior engineers and other senior authorised personnel who are responsible for carrying out high voltage switching duties and the issuing safety documents associated with such work.

At present, land-based senior authorised personnel can choose to undertake a periodic re-assessment of their high voltage competency every three to five years, even though regulations do not require it - however there are no periodic reassessments for maritime senior authorised personnel, meaning their skills do not have to be revaluated or updated.

The Faraday Training Group, an international electrical training provider with purpose-built facilities in Teesside and Limassol, Cyprus, provides an extensive range of electrical power training courses including low voltage, high voltage, electrical protection, testing courses and marine and offshore courses.

Stuart Corner, Technical Sales Manager at The Faraday Training Group, said: “We have received countless enquiries for maritime high voltage refresher courses from shipping companies who see the courses used as best practice for their land-based electrical engineers, and the boost this has on their confidence and capability.

“This course encourages maritime senior authorised personnel to periodically appraise the way they work and ensures they have the latest industry insights, which I feel is imperative to safety and efficient working. We hope that the introduction of this course, and similar courses, will make skill reassessments and refresher courses a form of best practice within the industry.

“We pride ourselves on offering courses to meet industry demands and the changing needs of our customers, this course is a fine example of this. We believe it is the first course of its type, and as market leaders in the provision of high voltage maritime training, it is only right that we lead the way.”

This month, The Faraday Training Group also launched four new courses as part of the expansion of its electrical training services, this includes the introduction of three new EAL low voltage courses and Up-Skilling, a course which aims to up skill mechanical and non-electrical technicians to the point that they are electrically competent.

The Faraday Training Group is a provider of comprehensive electrical power training, offering an effective combination of theoretical and practical learning experiences using real industrial equipment. 

The Faraday Training Group also offers consultancy services, auditing and developing high voltage safety documents and operational procedures designed to meet the requirements of its clients and ensure compliance with current regulations.

For more information on The Faraday Training Group, visit www.faradaycentre.co.uk

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