Stuart Tickle, Managing Director of AWE discusses the opportunity that the smart home market offers electricians and explains the ways in which training can help.

A smart home has become a reality for many people. As products have become more affordable, it is no longer just for the rich and famous. Homeowners are upscaling their properties to benefit from the latest smart home systems, and they need someone to install these for them. Proactive and market conscious electricians can benefit from this upsurge in business and AWE is here to help.

AWE is the leading UK distributor of home technology products. With over 80 years in business, AWE is a one-stop shop that provides electrical contractors with the building blocks to create the perfect smart home. This includes training, access to a great range of products, technical services and support and a demonstration facility.

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Education is vital for any electricians who are interested in moving into this industry.  Just as a plumber wouldn’t install a new bathroom without training, an electrician shouldn’t install any professional smart home products, without the required level of training. AWE provides an award-winning training via the AWE Smart Home Academy™. The training courses have been developed to promote best practice in smart home installations. Courses cover all aspects of a smart home project: foundation training, lighting, video distribution, home and automation and control.

The Foundation Workshop is a great place to start for electricians, as it focusses the fundamentals of smart home installations.  Uniquely, as well as important background and theory, there is a heavy focus towards the essential skills and knowledge required for a variety of tasks that electricians will be faced with on a regular basis in a hands on workshop. Starting with basic health and safety advice and do’s and don’ts of smart home installation, the full day course then progresses into the practical sessions.

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AWE represents some of the biggest brands, with a focus on high-end products and the latest technology. Electricians have direct access to products from brands including, Sony, URC, Panasonic, KEF, Kinetik, HEOS By Denon and Epson, to name a few.


To complement the cutting edge technology available, the AWE Show Apartment provides an ideal display area for electricians to meet with customers and experience the technology first hand. The Show apartment includes a spectacular home cinema, complete with a Draper ambient light-rejecting ReAct fixed screen, KEF speakers, URC control, Philips Dynalite lighting control, Marantz amplification and an Epson projector.


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