Re-wiring Your Thinking - The Importance of Asbestos Surveys

December 6, 2017

Asbestos survey, So the building you own needs a full electrical re-wiring. Not ideal. It needs doing though and you’re thinking you might as well take this opportunity to complete the re-wiring work, whilst also under taking an extensive refurbishment of the building including fabric, fixtures and fittings.

Quick quiz question for you though; which asbestos survey do you need before getting any workmen on-site to complete the refurbishment of your business property?

Well, if your building is newer than the year 2000, you don’t need one. If, however, your property was built before asbestos was banned from being used within building materials in 1999, you’ll need to complete the correct asbestos survey. Most commercial building owners know that they need an asbestos management survey, for pre-2000 properties, to find out if asbestos is present and to create a plan to deal with it. To complete the work described above though, you’d also need to complete an asbestos refurbishment survey. Did you also know that if you wanted to go a stage further and demolish and re-build certain parts of the property, you’d need an asbestos demolition survey to be completed?

As a property owner, you’re responsible for ensuring that your building is fully HSE compliant if it has asbestos containing materials (ACMs) within it. In fact, there’s a full set of regulations you need to follow to help ensure the safety of both your staff and the public, called ‘The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012’.

asbestos surveyHow can asbestos affect Electrical work? 

Asbestos is mainly a problem when the materials that contain it get disturbed and the fibres become airborne. Electrical work and other refurbishment, building or construction works can have a major impact on this. Without the correct asbestos survey in place, you won’t have the details of where it is, how much asbestos there is, the condition of the materials holding it or the specific recommendations for how to manage and safely control the asbestos. Not having the correct asbestos survey in place genuinely could cost lives and if you’re responsible for exposing people to asbestos fibres, prosecution and prison could follow.

Fortunately, if you choose the right environmental consultancy to help you, the process will be safe, efficient and they will support you in terms of putting the correct plan of action together to ensure a safe environment, moving forward.

EDP are one such consultancy and they are one of the leading providers of asbestos surveys in the UK. Offering national coverage, their asbestos management specialists are fully trained and highly experienced. For more information, visit EDP UK

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