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Nearly one third of consumers are not registering new electrical appliances

Electrical Safety First has partnered with Beko Plc. UK to explore consumer attitudes around product registration. Research revealed that despite a number of high profile safety notices and product recalls* issued last year, nearly half of all consumers who purchased an electrical item in the last 12 months did not register their purchase[ii].

In 2016 alone, 61 recall notices were issued for electrical products in the UK[iii]. Registration is one of the main ways to contact consumers directly in case of a safety concern, such as a product recall. Without registering, millions of British consumers could be unwittingly putting themselves and their homes at risk if they continue to use a recalled product. 

Setting the standard in cable safety and efficacy for public buildings

When it comes to the materials used in public buildings, such as hospitals, schools and hotels we expect that all measures are taken in order to prioritise and protect public safety. 

These materials also need to stand up to the test when something goes wrong. For example, if there were a fire in the building we would expect the materials to perform and resist the fire, and would think everything possible has been done to ensure only the best materials were in place. 

Cable Services Group installs defibrillators at all its branches

Cable Services are the UK’s number one specialist electrical equipment and component distributor. We supply a wide range of cable and cable accessories to the domestic housing, commercial and industrial sectors from our UK locations based in Wrexham, Liverpool, Stone, Swindon and Glasgow.

We are delighted to announce that we have now installed Defibrillators at all our sites and have notified all local businesses that these Defibrillators are available to them should they have an emergency.

We have informed all local businesses of the location and have added a map so they are clear to where each defib is situated at each site.

Electrical power training specialist launches innovative new course

A new technical course has been launched to boost the skills of personnel working with high voltage electrical equipment, within the maritime industry.

Teesside-based electrical power training specialist, The Faraday Training Group has launched the Refresher in the Safe Operation of Offshore/Maritime High Voltage Power Systems course, in response to customer demand for refresher and reassessment courses for the maritime industry.

The aim of the course is to provide refresher training to electro-technical officers, senior engineers and other senior authorised personnel who are responsible for carrying out high voltage switching duties and the issuing safety documents associated with such work.

Are You Making These Six Common Construction Site Mistakes?

Construction sites have a reputation for being dangerous places to work.

It’s true that construction sites are inherently hazardous environments. Carelessness is also one of the root causes of a vast majority of onsite accidents. Simple mistakes can have a huge impact. 

But with a healthy and resilient approach to onsite safety, you can minimise risks and ensure that workers are as safe as possible.

Scruffs, one of the UK’s leading experts in innovative safety wear have outlined some of the most common construction site mistakes. With the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and with a lot of common sense, you can do your part to ensure your own safety, and the safety of your team.

PowerBreaker – Relaunched, Refreshed, Revitalised!


GreenBrook has relaunched its market leading brand of Powerbreaker RCDs by increasing the range to offer the most comprehensive selection of RCD safety products on the market.  An informative new brochure detailing the range of 10mA, 30mA, Active & Passive products entitled “A Guide to Electrical Safety” is available now, along with a new website solely dedicated to this impressive range (please see

Safety Boot Ratings – What Do They Mean?


At first glance, safety boot ratings might resemble a meaningless stream of letters and numbers, chosen at random by the shoe manufacturers to make their products look more important.

But safety footwear standards are not to be taken lightly. Your employers are legally required to ensure that the shoes you wear offer adequate protection for the job at hand. Safety ratings are designed to effectively communicate the sort of protection the shoes offer -whether it’s heat resistant, penetration resistant, electrical resistant, or otherwise.

Martindale Electric to support SkillELECTRIC UK final

Martindale Electric, the leaders in safe isolation, has become a sponsor of SkillELETRIC – the electrical industry’s skills competition.

The firm has agreed to donate eight of its top of the range safe isolation kits to the competition for use in November’s national final at the Skills Show in Birmingham.

The kits will be used as part of the two-day competition, where eight of the UK’s top apprentices will carry out a series of practical tests and tasks based on the workplace scenarios faced by electricians, and will compete to represent the UK at the biennial WorldSkills event – the world’s largest skills competition - in Kazan in 2019. 

Electrical Safety Campaign Reaches Millions

NAPIT’s consumer focussed electrical safety campaign has reached nearly three million people nationwide throughout 2016, bringing essential advice to householders on using competent, registered installers.

A local newspaper campaign, which ran over six months, was delivered to 1.7 million readers in 900,000 households by NAPIT to provide quality advice to the British public through a set of Home Safety Guidance Documents.

These documents were designed by industry experts in the Electrical Safety Roundtable as a way of bringing under one roof the key home safety checks that allow landlords to demonstrate the safety of the properties they let for legal, insurance and marketing purposes, as well as helping homeowners ensure their homes are safe.

AWEsome Training

AWEsome Training

A smart home has become a reality for many people. As products have become more affordable, it is no longer just for the rich and famous. Home owners are up scaling their properties to benefit from the latest smart home systems, and they need someone to install these for them. Proactive and market conscious electricians could benefit from this upsurge in business.  

Don't ignore the risk of electrical hazards

Don't ignore the risk of electrical hazards

Electricity kills people every year and severely injures even more, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to property from the resulting fires and explosions, warns Develop Training Limited (DTL), the UK’s leading accredited provider of compliance, technical and safety training.

In order to recognise and prevent risk, any equipment must be properly designed, installed and regularly maintained so that any threats of fire, shocks or burns are managed effectively.

Five Innovative Ways to Manage Your Office Cabling

Five Innovative Ways to Manage Your Office Cabling

In an office environment it doesn’t take long for the work space to become cluttered, files stack up, boxes get put in piles and electrical cables suddenly resemble an uncontrollable spaghetti junction. The problem with clutter is you don’t usually notice it accumulating, it is only when you are surrounded by mess that you realise that something needs to be done. 

Independent research shows that messy cabling is the worst culprit for creating a bad first impression to potential new employees and clients. Thankfully, there are lots of simple yet effective cable management solutions available, here are the top five:

Plugging the gap - Electrical Safety First’s unique safety tool awarded design copyright


A simple but effective tool, originally designed by Electrical Safety First to help trading standards identify potentially dangerous or counterfeit electrical items, has just been granted a design copyright.

As part of the Charity’s work in supporting enforcement agencies, Electrical Safety First created a UK plug checker, as defective or foreign plugs can often indicate that a product is fake or sub-standard. The tool has proven so successful with Trading Standards Officers that it has now been distributed to every TS office and Fire and Rescue Service Centre in the UK.

Online resource for contractors clarifies Wiring Regulations


Standards provide an agreed way of doing something but in real life they have to be interpreted – no matter how clearly presented they may be. And given the range of jobs an electrical contractor can undertake, they can find themselves wondering how best to interpret certain aspects of the Wiring Regulations (BS 7671). So it’s not surprising that an online forum, established by leading safety charity, Electrical Safety First, has proved to be a popular resource for the industry, with 87,000 views in one year – and over 5,000 in just one month.