The ELED-CT series

The ELED-CT series

ELED-CT series a range of 15 watt, 25 watt and 50 watt Constant Current Triac Mains Dimmable LED Drivers are now available from Ecopac Power.
The ELED-CT series are designed to work with Triac Leading Edge Mains Dimmers and are available in 15 watts, 25 watts and 50 watts with a constant current mode output and multiple levels from 150mA up to 1400mA covering 3 volts to 50 volts selectable by a dip switch.

Tamlite Lighting's new xcite range offers British design excellence at an affordable price

Tamlite Lighting's new xcite range offers British design excellence at an affordable price

Tamlite Lighting, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and designers of lighting, has created xcite; a new, affordable range of LED lighting products.
Unlike many other LEDs on the market, the xcite range offers quality, safety, performance and reliability at a competitive price, in keeping with Tamlite’s commitment to product excellence.
xcite: the perfect cross market solution
xcite enables installers and end-users to make simple and quick choices on product selection for a wide range of installations including offices, schools, factories and residential buildings, all backed by the strength and assurance of one of the UK’s largest and most experienced lighting companies.

R&B Star are proud to be involved in the Saatchi & Saatchi HQ project


R&B Star an independent and family run electrical wholesaler based in Kent and London are proud to have been able to supply high quality, environmentally friendly and eye catching lighting solutions for the new Saatchi & Saatchi headquarters in Chancery Lane, London.

The new Saatchi & Saatchi headquarters designed by Jump Studios and fitted out by ISG, has seen the 100,000 sq. ft, seven storey blank canvas transformed in to bespoke and welcoming workspace that evokes the spirit of the company.

We worked closely with ISG on this project from specification through to completion and are proud to have been involved in the buildings transformation.

Vimark Curve | Vimark Evo

data electrical

Vimark Heritage

Steeped in over 20 years of history and synonymous with quality, reliability and value, Deta Vimark has carved out an enviable market leading position and remains the wiring accessory range of choice amongst specifiers, wholesalers, contractors and end-users. Renowned for its ease of installation and with a broad range of accessories, Deta Vimark provides the perfect solution for all installations. 


The Next Generation

Evolution turns to Revolution in Fire-Rated Downlight design


The electrical market is no stranger to change. As a dynamic sector, it is constantly shaped by innovation. Occasionally, a new wave of technology transforms a sector fundamentally and triggers a revolution. The impact of LED on the lighting industry is one such development and the effects are comprehensive. Already established as the most energy efficient lightsource, it has swept aside conventional lights. Yet the low cost advantage is only one aspect of the range of benefits that LED can deliver. Lower operating temperatures, smaller formatsand greater longevity are features that will also influence the design of lamps and luminaires into the future. In a recent example, Integral LED have focussed on the re-engineering of afrequently used fitting – the fire-rated downlight.

How lighting affects the productivity of your office

Employee engagement and wellbeing are considered significant factors in workplace productivity, and savvy businesses have made changes to everything from health plans to the office environment to try and unlock further potential.  


However, during 2016 UK workforces were 31% less productive than those in the US and 17% less productive than the rest of the G7 countries, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).


Harvard Technology adds DALI variants to programmable driver range


Harvard Technology, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of wireless control solutions for lighting, has launched its latest innovations in the CoolLED programmable driver range, adding both a 40W and 50W Dali Low Voltage SELV variant in the CLS case platform to what is a growing programmable range. 


The power factor corrected, fully isolated SELV output Dali drivers, are initially available in two variants – 200-700mA and 700-1400mA – delivering up to 40W and 50W of power respectively. 


New recessed LED module set to improve office environments and reduce glare

LED module AXIS 5695

Tamlite Lighting, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and designers of lighting, is launching the AXIS recessed LED module, which provides excellent glare-free illumination for offices.

The energy saving benefit of upgrading office lighting to LED is widely known, but less emphasis has traditionally been placed on the effect modern lighting can have on staff health and wellbeing. The high-performance AXIS LED module has been designed with the key requirements of the office environment in mind, providing high quality, evenly distributed light and reducing the problem of glare by precise optical control of the light distribution.

Why the 2018 halogen ban is brilliant news for everyone

Commercial Property

When halogen bulbs are finally banned across the EU in September 2018, V-TAC – the leading LED lighting company – explains why we should be celebrating the end of unnecessarily high lighting bills, inefficient technology and a massive 15.2 million tonne reduction in Europe’s carbon footprint by 2025.   

Replacing them with more efficient and longer-lasting LED alternatives will cost consumers more than £1 billion* before 1st September, 2018, when the EU halogen ban takes effect.

LED lighting overhaul reduces Air Control Industries’ costs by 70%

One of the new LED Lights at Air Control Industries

Huge business improvements thanks to simple lighting change


• Lighting costs slashed by almost £3,500 per year

• Downtime and maintenance cut by more than half

• C02 emissions drop significantly

Carbon Trust grant helps pays for new lighting

Industrial air movement specialist Air Control Industries is experiencing lower electricity bills and a huge improvement in its warehouse’s working environment, thanks to a bright idea to introduce a new LED lighting system.

LED Lighting Just Got Smarter With FortisDay

Wyvern School

The latest breakthrough innovation in LED technology is a range of recessed luminaires, which is already proving popular in learning environments, to offer as close to natural daylight as possible and present maximum energy savings.

SmartiLumin from FortisDay has been designed with versatility, style and performance in mind.  Best in-class features include a *colour render index (CRI) of 93 light output and efficiencies of greater than 181 lumens per circuit watt, representing 30% less energy usage than what is currently available on the market.

Retailers to experience new smart IoT lighting at EuroShop as Aurora Lighting plans to unveil new platform

Aurora Lighting

Global lighting and technology business Aurora Lighting is set to make a significant impact at EuroShop, the world’s number one retail trade fair taking place from 5 – 9 March, 2017. For the first time, retailers will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of IoT lighting with an exclusive preview of Aurora’s new connected IoT platform, AXiO, which incorporates Gooee technology.

Plugging in to modular buildings – lighting controls in the education sector


As a growing population puts further strain on the demand for public services and school places, local authorities are turning to modular buildings to construct lower carbon buildings more quickly. These buildings, which are typically manufacturedoffsite and pieced together, demand an alternative approach when it comes to lighting control solutions. Martyn Frear, Business Development Manager at CP Electronics looks at key drivers behind the modular building boom and what this means for the lighting control industry.

Modular buildings…a viable option?

Why ESOS improvements is so essential

Facilities Management company MSL has been working hard with their lighting partner Lumilow Lighting to advise their clients on the benefits of implementing ESOS improvements. We spoke with MSL’s Managing Director, Jeremy Harrison to find out why the implementation of ESOS improvements is so important and his top tips for companies to save on their energy costs… 

Managing your company's energy consumption is even more essential with the new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) legislation, which requires large firms in the UK to undertake a mandatory audit of their energy efficiency activities and capabilities.