As world-leading manufacturers and catalogue suppliers of ex-stock protective caps, Essentra Components were invited by international hose and hose assembly experts Burgaflex to assist with a custom solution for an important new project.

Burgaflex is a global player in hydraulic and air-conditioning fittings and tubing for the automotive, heavy truck, agricultural machinery and off-road equipment markets with a continuing relationship with Essentra Components. So when their US Corporation needed to protect a new product range during shipment for a multi-million-dollar launch, Essentra Components responded with an application-specific cap that kept these high-quality goods safe.

Burgaflex’s core values of quality, precision and excellent customer service help to maintain extremely high standards of production. The air conditioning hose assemblies they manufacture for major OEMs are no exception. Such assemblies previously used rubber caps for protection whilst shipping but these caps had been found to regularly dislodge, causing product damage, contamination, replacement costs and customer dissatisfaction.

Essentra Components took the 9 fittings of the mating applications from Burgaflex and went to work designing a range of specialist protective caps to reduce dissatisfaction and save on cost. To ensure the success of the Burgaflex launch, initial 3D prototypes were created, bringing the designs to life followed by extensive testing, submission of drawings and additional cap samples.

The result was the delivery of 9 different custom clear caps that sealed the O-ring groove, thread and hose from debris Burgaflex case study at Essentra Componentsand moisture – Essentra Components recommended LDPE, a harder, denser material for stronger protection and effective shock absorption. The caps’ clear colour allowed Burgaflex to see the O-ring, ensuring it was fitted correctly while an integral retention feature provided extra security during shipping.

Commented Bob Siegwald, Burgaflex Executive Vice President: “From concept to production, Essentra Components was able to smoothly manage all project requirements to come up with the perfect solution.”

It was clear that Essentra Components and Burgaflex’s strong partnership throughout the project made the entire process smooth. This resulted in the ideal solution being delivered on time, providing cost savings through damage prevention in transit, eliminating rejections and cutting product re-supply costs. A further improvement came in productivity as custom caps were manufactured with reduced waste and delivered on-time in-full, to work seamlessly with Burgaflex’s lean business model. Cost-effective tool cavitation also ensured minimised wear and increased production output – leading to reassurance of Burgaflex’s quality and service reputation to their customer. 

Explained Bog Siegwald “Essentra Components was so easy to deal with, providing samples and 3D prototypes throughout the project.”

Now, as a strategic partner, Essentra Components continues to support Burgaflex. Through knowledge and understanding of Burgaflex’s needs, Essentra Components are able to estimate their annual usage, ensuring stock is on hand when they need it – saving costs, saving time, supporting their reputation.

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