Mirrorstone Infrared Heating Panels

Mirrorstone Infrared Heating Panels

Incredibly versatile, energy-efficient and discreet, Mirrorstone Infrared Heating Panels are just hitting the market and giving people a radically new way to heat their spaces.

They provide a modern and innovative solution to the age-old problems of too little space and sky high energy bills and users, whether from the domestic or commercial sphere, are being impressed by the sheer simplicity of their design.

No messing with Crown Contract Super Covertex

No messing with Crown Contract Super Covertex paint

Professional tradespeople wanting to leave their mark where there’s an element of painting to be completed on the job can turn to new Crown Contract Super Covertex paint to create the right impression.

The quick drying, high opacity matt emulsion makes a clean sweep of painting works, with a water-based, easy to apply formulation developed to offer low spatter and less mess in use.

Crown Contract Super Covertex also offers exceptional coverage, even over new plaster.

The product – for use on walls and ceilings - is part of the new Crown Contract range, developed for professional tradespeople looking for straight-forward and easy to use paints, that will guarantee a great finish to complement their high quality workmanship.

How lighting affects the productivity of your office

Employee engagement and wellbeing are considered significant factors in workplace productivity, and savvy businesses have made changes to everything from health plans to the office environment to try and unlock further potential.  


However, during 2016 UK workforces were 31% less productive than those in the US and 17% less productive than the rest of the G7 countries, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).


Honing in on detail: why aesthetics in wiring accessories are increasingly important

Honing in on detail: why aesthetics in wiring accessories are increasingly important

People have higher expectations when it comes to how things look, and wiring accessories is no exception. Building designers, product specifiers and installing contractors are just as interested in how wiring accessories look on the outside, as how easy they are to install and use. Soft curves, smooth lines and slim plates are some of the features that are desirable, but aesthetics no longer exist for the sole purpose of looking good. Innovative, modern and often minute external details make wiring accessories easier to use and improve safety; critical factors in the commercial buildings market. Success in this area can set an accessory apart from the rest in a competitive playing field.


Smooth and slimline

Case Study: Cooper Weston’s Modern Office Refit in Shoreditch

Case Study: Cooper Weston’s Modern Office Refit in Shoreditch

The art of bespoke featured lighting

In recent years professional offices have become part of a new design culture where the spaces become aspirational and stylish, with the aim of being memorable and welcoming to both staff and guests. For any business operating in the competitive environment of London, an office is a signifier of success and a vehicle to attract highly skilled employees and big budget clients.

20.20 Creates a smart store for Maplin

smart store Maplin

Strategic design consultancy 20.20 has worked with leading technology retailer Maplin to change their retail proposition in Cambridge, creating a store where people can fully engage with the latest Smart Home technology.

The 20.20 team has transformed the 290m2 space at the city’s Beehive shopping centre, designing distinct departments to showcase the benefits of, and allow interaction with, smart technology for the home. The brief was to position Maplin as the go-to retailer for Smart Home products, attracting and engaging with a new type of customer, whilst retaining the retailer’s loyal customer base.