EAE Elektroteknik A.S. is a member of the EAE Group which was established in 1995 to manufacture Low Voltage Electrical Enclosures under the E-Kabin brand.

Essentra Components understand their customers fastener requirements cover a vast array of industries, from space shuttles to freezers. As a result, they can provide fasteners in a wide range of sizes and materials but it’s the coating on the fastener where the innovation is found.

As world-leading manufacturers and catalogue suppliers of ex-stock protective caps, Essentra Components were invited by international hose and hose assembly experts Burgaflex to assist with a custom solution for an important new project.

Metal is the most common material used to create fastening solutions, however plastic fasteners offer a different and often more appropriate set of characteristics says Essentra Components.

High conductivity and long-life crimp joints can be quickly formed using cable terminals and a crimping tool. This solderless way of organising wires ensures a secure and precise electrical contact.