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Advertising with Electrical Trade Magazine is a smart business decision.

Electrical Trade Magazine is the electrical industry’s own guide to essential products and services. Putting buyer and sellers within the industry in direct contact.

Target Audience: Distributed directly to electrical wholesale outlets and the other larger electrical contracting companies.

Contact: If you want to learn more about how Electrical Trade Magazine can help your business click here or contact Julie Cross on 01257 267677

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Reasons to use magazines

1. Magazines and magazine ads capture focused attention:

The focused process of magazine reading leads to less media multi-tasking, ensuring single-minded attention to advertising.

2. Magazine advertising is targeted: 

Magazines engage readers in very personal ways. There’s a magazine for every passion and a passion for every magazine.

3. Magazine advertising is relevant and welcomed: 

Consumers value magazine advertising, reading it almost as much as the editorial itself. The ads are accepted as an essential part of the magazine mix.

4. Magazines are credible: 

Consumers trust magazines so much that they are the leading sources of information that readers recommend by word-of-mouth to others.

5. Magazines offer a lasting message: 

Ads keep working 24/7. They provide a lasting, durable message with time to study a brand’s benefits. Consumers clip and save magazine ads for future reference.

6. Magazines deliver brand relevant imagery: 

Magazine editorial imbues ads with brand relevant imagery, associations and a frame of reference that delivers greater reader receptivity to brand ads.

7. Magazine advertising drives web searches and visits: 

Magazines are where consumers go for ideas and inspiration. That’s why magazine ads are leading influencers, driving readers to advertiser websites and to start a search.

8. Magazines sell: 

Study after study prove that magazines help drive sales objectives, as a stand alone medium or in combination with others. Over half of readers act on exposure to magazine ads.

What our customers say:

Goldwing Cable Limited

“I deal with Electrofacts magazine for my advertising needs and have always received good service and competitive prices. The fact I am still advertising after almost a decade speaks for itself!”

Natasha Kaye, Purchasing Manager

Goldwing Cable Limited



“Timeguard have been advertising with Electrofacts magazine  for some  years now and we have received many great responses to our front covers and the inside accompanying editorial features. 

It has a super readership and the Electrofacts team support us really well.”  

Andy Douglas, Timeguard