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Meet Hawke International’s Award-Winning Easy Access Enclosure Range

Hawke International’s longstanding reputation for quality, safety and reliability meets innovative design with the Exe Easy Access Stainless Steel Enclosure range.

The Easy Access range of Enclosures were designed specifically with the needs of the customer in mind.  They reduce installation and inspection time using an innovative sloped face design, allowing for increased hand access when using tools and giving maximum visibility though cutaway side panels. 

The Stainless Steel construction features a removable hinged lid containing additional retention pins which allow the lid to remain affixed to the body whilst the Enclosure undergoes installation, maintenance or inspection. This feature removes the risk of any damage being caused to the lid, or a trip hazard occurring if a removed lid was stored on a floor or walkway whilst work was undertaken. The angle of the sloped design allows water, dirt and any corrosive contaminants which may be present to simply run off, extending the overall lifespan of the Enclosure. 

The EA Enclosure is an ideal choice for retrofit projects. Available in 9 sizes which adhere to industry specification, any current enclosure can be easily and quickly changed or retrofitted to the EA Range, saving time and costs at installation and ultimately reducing any operational down time.  If any additional information is required, a QR code is conveniently affixed to the range, providing users with access to a range of installation resources. 

Designed specifically for harsh and hazardous environments where safety and reliability are paramount, the full range of EA Enclosures are Meet Hawke International’s Award-Winning Easy Access Enclosure Rangeglobally certified for use in Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 by ATEX, IECEx, EAC and INMETRO and are certified to IEC/IEN 60079-0, IEC/EN 60079-7, IEC/EN 60079-31 and IP66. 

Because of the Increased Safety Standards held by the EA Enclosure range, Hawke International’s Easy Access Enclosure range was selected by the British Pipeline Agency (BPA) when they undertook the extensive project to rebuild the Buncefield Aviation Fuel Storage Depot. A colossal fire had severely damaged the site in 2005 when unleaded motor fuel ignited due to an incorrectly installed cut off switch.  A total of 211 EA Enclosures were installed on the newly re-built Buncefield site.

The work undertaken by Hawke International as part of the Buncefield Aviation Fuel Storage Depot re-build project was recognised industry wide when, in February 2019, the Easy Access Enclosure won a prestigious HazardEx Award in the category of “Best User Application”.

Our expert, Product Manager Steve Parkin, accepted the Hazardex Award: “We’re delighted that the Hawke Easy Access Enclosure range has been recognised in this way. Being awarded Best User Application is testimony to just how important a role the many features of the EA Enclosure can play as part of pivotal undertakings like the Buncefield rebuild project.” 

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