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How to cash in on the green skills revolution?

As the world shifts towards sustainable technologies, businesses in the electrical and construction sectors are presented with a lucrative opportunity to capitalise on the growing demand for green skills. South Bank Colleges’ new course offerings aim to equip professionals with the expertise needed to thrive in this dynamic field.

South Bank Colleges’ new courses are tailored to address the pressing needs of professionals seeking to expand their skillsets and stay ahead of the curve. The Level 3 Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installers course is a prime example, catering to electricians looking to specialise in the installation of electric vehicle charging units, a rapidly growing market driven by the surge in electric vehicle adoption.

South Bank Colleges' new course to equip professionals with green skills such as Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installers

Similarly, the Level 2 Award in Retrofit (City & Guilds) and the Level 3 Award in Air Source Heat Pump Systems (Non-refrigerant Circuits) equip construction professionals and heating specialists, respectively, with the knowledge and skills required to implement energy-efficient retrofitting practices and advanced heat pump systems, both of which are in high demand as the industry strives for sustainability.

South Bank Colleges is delighted to introduce four groundbreaking courses in green skills, tailored for those in the electrical and construction sectors. Each course is designed to equip you with the necessary expertise to thrive in the growing field of sustainable technologies. Whether you’re an established electrician or an industry professional looking to expand your skills into new, eco-friendly areas, these courses offer a path to enhance your career while contributing to a sustainable future.

Level 3 Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installers

This course is perfect for practicing electricians who are keen to specialise in the installation of electric vehicle charging units. You’ll gain comprehensive knowledge about the types of charging equipment, how to design installations, and maintain them. The course covers crucial safety protocols and smart functions in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), along with integration into prosumer’s electrical installations. With the rising demand for electric vehicles, this qualification opens up numerous opportunities in the EV charging sector, enhancing your employability and expertise in a niche and lucrative area.

Level 2 Award in Retrofit (City & Guilds)

As sustainability becomes a core focus in construction, retrofitting has become essential. This course introduces you to retrofitting practices that improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions. Conducted over three days, this part-time qualification is ideal for new entrants and established tradespeople who wish to upskill. You’ll learn about PAS 2035 standards and their implications on property upgrades and retrofit projects. Completing this course not only broadens your skills but also prepares you for further qualifications and roles in sustainable construction.

Level 3 Award in Air Source Heat Pump Systems (Non-refrigerant Circuits)

This evening course is designed for those with a background in heating systems, updating your skills for the installation and maintenance of heat pump systems. You’ll learn to consult with clients, evaluate needs, and select appropriate Air Source Heat Pump Systems. The course covers everything from the principles of vapour compression systems to the installation and routine maintenance of these systems. With heat pumps playing a significant role in modern eco-friendly heating solutions, this qualification will set you apart in the industry.

Level 3 Award in Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

This intensive course is for electricians aiming to become certified solar PV installers. As energy costs rise and eco-awareness increases, solar PV skills are more valuable than ever. You’ll learn about the design, installation, and maintenance of solar systems, gaining practical experience with solar components. Upon completion, you’ll earn a qualification that enables you to register with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), greatly enhancing your marketability and job prospects in renewable energy installations.

Why Choose South Bank Colleges?

At South Bank Colleges, we are committed to providing top-tier education and training that aligns with industry standards and future market needs. Our courses are taught by industry experts in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring you receive the best possible learning experience. Whether you are looking to specialise, upgrade your skills, or shift to a green career path, our courses provide the knowledge and qualifications you need to succeed.

Enrolling in our green skills courses not only boosts your professional credentials but also places you at the forefront of the sustainable building and energy sectors. With our comprehensive training and nationally recognised qualifications, you can confidently meet the demands of an evolving industry focused on sustainability.

We invite you to join us at South Bank Colleges to future-proof your skills and advance your career in these dynamic, high-demand sectors. 

Explore our courses today at and take the next step towards a rewarding and sustainable career.


As the world continues its transition towards a more sustainable future, the demand for professionals equipped with green skills will only continue to grow. South Bank Colleges’ new course offerings provide a unique opportunity for electricians, construction workers, and industry professionals to position themselves at the forefront of this revolution.

Whether you’re an electrician seeking to specialise in electric vehicle charging point installation, a construction professional aiming to master energy-efficient retrofitting practices, or a heating specialist looking to expand your expertise in air source heat pump systems, South Bank Colleges has a course tailored to your needs.

By investing in these green skills programs, you not only enhance your career prospects but also contribute to a more sustainable future for all. With hands-on training and industry-recognized certifications, these courses equip you with the knowledge and practical experience to excel in the rapidly evolving sustainable technology landscape.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to cash in on the green skills revolution. Explore South Bank Colleges’ comprehensive range of courses at and take the first step towards a future-proof career in the electrical, construction, or sustainable energy sectors.

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