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Why you should make the switch to LED lighting

In our environmentally conscious world, LEDs are a great option for lighting, but they have so many more benefits than we might realise. David Boultbee, Technical Consultant at Ultra LEDs told us why we should make the switch to LEDs.

As of last year, halogen bulbs have been banned in the EU in an effort to reduce Europe’s carbon footprint. This means that many people have been looking to find a much more efficient and eco-friendly alternative, which just so happens to be light-emitting diodes (LEDs). In this article, I’ll be taking you through the many benefits of LEDs.

They’re easy to install

Previously, LED bulbs required a lot of changes to wiring, which meant a lot of fitters tried to avoid them where they could. Luckily, more modern LED bulbs can now be installed into traditional light bulb sockets and are compatible with mains voltage systems. Like any bulb, the only thing you need to worry about is whether the fixture is a bayonet or an Edison screw.

They’re energy efficient 

LEDs are more efficient than other lighting alternatives and can help save on energy bills. This is because, unlike compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and incandescent lighting, LEDs are directional. This means that they emit light in a specific direction, instead of all directions, andevery bit of light produced by the bulb is useful.

LEDs are also brighter than incandescent lights of the same wattage. This is described as producing more lumens per watt, and means you’re going to save more on your energy bills because it takes much less power to achieve the same level of light.

In fact, most of the energy going to the bulb is going to be converted to light. Incandescent bulbs rely on a wire filament to be heated to a very high temperature so it glows, but this means that the bulbs use around 90% of their energy to produce heat, and only 10% on light. LEDs, however, only require an electrical current to flow through it to light up, so most of its energy is used for lighting instead of just warming the bulb.

They’re good for the environment Light bulbs with LEDs in them

Because they’re efficient and it takes less energy to provide the same amount of light as a standard CFL or incandescent bulb, they’re also better for the environment. But, they aren’t just energy efficient: they’re also more eco-friendly to dispose of, too.

CFLs contain a number of toxic substances, such as mercury, which classes them as hazardous waste. Not only are they quite difficult to dispose of compared to LED lights, but when they reach landfill, these toxic elements can leak out and harm the environment. Alternatively, LEDs can safely be disposed of in ordinary household waste, but try checking the packaging that thebulb came in, because some can even be recycled. 

They last longer

Because LEDs don’t contain a filament, they have a much longer lifespan than other alternatives, meaning they’re great value for money. On average, LED lights can last 12–15 times longer, enduring for around 15–20 years or more compared to the 2 years you can get from a halogen bulb. This means that they can essentially pay for themselves within 3–6 months, and you’ll save money because you’re getting much more use out of them. 

They’re more durable

There’s a number of factors that make LED lights more durable than other lighting alternatives. For one, they can withstand extreme temperatures, which means they’re ideal for being used outside where they can be subjected to big temperature changes. They’re also more resistant to shock or vibrations and are less likely to break when dropped or hit, which makes them a lot easier to transport and install. 

They’re great for smart lighting

Today, we’re more reliant on technology than ever before, and the great thing about LEDs is that they allow for architects and designers to come up with more creative lighting solutions by using smart lighting. This means that users can control a number of things about their lights, including brightness and colour, to generate a desired mood or effect. Smart bulbs also often allow users to control their lights from their phone or tablet, which means they can be managed even when no one is home. 

There are multiple reasons why you should switch to LEDs. Because they’re more efficient and last a lot longer than other lighting alternatives, they’re much better for the environment and can save you a pretty penny in the process.

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