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LG Electronics sets new industry standards for premium solar panels with new investments

The electronics and solar specialist LG Electronics is continuing its solar journey with the introduction of new products. The most recent highlight in its portfolio is the “LG370N1C-N5” panel (N-type). As part of its strategy on sustainability, LG Electronics will continue bringing new solutions to the global photovoltaic market in the third quarter of 2020. With its leading solar solutions, the company is looking to raise the standard for the global solar market and further expand its expertise.
The premium N-type solar panel includes 60 cells and generates 370 watts of electricity. It has a high energy efficiency and converts 21.4 percent of the solar energy captured into electrical energy – an impressive figure given the premium industry standard of 20 percent. In addition to its new products, LG Electronics is continuing its solar offensive by modernising its production lines in Korea. This year will see production lines upgraded to further expand the development of high-performance solar solutions from the start of next year. LG Electronics plans to continue bringing new premium products to the solar market. 
Greater efficiency, better products

The new production facilities will be incorporated into the solar production line in Gumi, South Korea. The construction of the new facilities is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. Within the new line, the company is also planning to produce a new panel with an output of over 400 watts during the first quarter of 2021. For this, LG will rely on “paving technology,” which once again improves performance with minimal cell spacing. These new innovations will help LG Electronics bring new products to market with an improved design and even greater reliability.
Forward-looking projectspremium solar panels from LG Electronics
LG Electronics is building on its leadership in the global solar market by continuously developing new products with the latest technologies. Last year, LG Electronics brought its solar roof to the market which enabled users to charge the batteries of electronic and hybrid vehicles. The solar roof consisted of a solar panel mounted on the roof of a car which charges the battery while driving to extend the vehicle’s range. The energy produced by the solution enabled a mileage of around 1,300 kilometres per year for a medium-sized vehicle. At the end of last year, the company also delivered approximately 7,500 solar panels to the Moorebank Logistics Park in Sydney, Australia. The combined output of the panels amounted to 3 megawatts, with which around 4,800 megawatt hours of electrical energy can be generated per year. In total, this corresponds to the supply of electricity to over 1,300 households.
High-quality sustainable energy
For LG Electronics, ensuring the quality of its solar products will be the focus for the future. The company carries out extensive quality checks for every panel through its own IEC-standardised and internationally recognised laboratory and quality assurance system. The process differs considerably from other solar providers in the market. “We decided to modernise our production line to ensure sustainable growth in our solar business and to be part of the global energy transition,” said Michael Harre, EU vice President Solar at LG Electronics. “We will continue looking to shape the future with our industry leading, highly efficient photovoltaic solutions in the coming years and help to master the challenges of sustainable energy production worldwide.”

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