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Schneider Electric Brings Net Zero Homes Closer with a Host of Revolutionary Innovations

 Schneider Electric, the World’s Most Sustainable Company in 2021 as ranked by Corporate Knights and leader in digital transformation of energy management, is today unveiling a suite of cutting edge connected living products, making our homes both smart and sustainable. These smart home innovations are a game changer for sustainable living through improved energy saving and the use of renewable energy in the home, coupled with reduced use of virgin plastic and better circularity.

YiFu Qi, Executive Vice President, Schneider Electric, said: “Today, homes represent 20% of global CO2 emissions worldwide. To get to our net zero goal, we must move 3-5 times faster to decarbonize, halving our carbon emissions by 2030. Therefore, getting consumers on side in the fight against climate change has never been more important. As more and more smart home devices are powered by smart and clean electricity – from heating to cooking to personal transportation – we have an opportunity to decarbonize our dwellings at pace without changing our digital and connected lifestyles. What’s more, we can help create genuine demand for recycled plastic and e-waste, from abandoned fishing nets to retired white goods and home appliances, driving a fully functioning circular economy. This is now possible through cutting-edge technology and innovation – positive change starts at home.”

Innovation Summit - Schneider Electric Brings Net Zero Homes CloserThese are the three innovations Schneider Electric is making available across a variety of markets today:

Energy efficient smart homes are the passport to a sustainable future

  1. Wiser Energy Center: this new smart panel seamlessly integrating solar panels, batteries, inverters and cutting-edge energy management. All electrical energy from the home and the grid converges in a single panel where load control is managed directly: from grid to plug with the help of extremely advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI). Where possible, the system prioritizes green energy power, ensuring power-hungry appliances and devices, such as Electric Vehicles (EVs), consume most of their energy from the solar or decarbonized energy sources in the home.

The intelligent system achieves this by taking multiple factors into account, including time, the weather, the residents’ energy tariff and consumption patterns, storing large amounts of solar energy for emergency back-up power. This means critical safety and connectivity systems are maintained, should traditional energy sources become unavailable. As a result, the home becomes energy efficient, sustainable, resilient as well as more responsive to the needs of the residents. Lower energy bills, reduced energy loss and increased use of renewable energy benefit both the homeowner and the planet. The panel will be available in France in Q1 2022.

Switches and panels made of recycled plastic drive circularity 

  1. Elko+ switches: this range of switches is the first in the world to be made of recycled ocean plastic. Known for their timeless modern design, the range now includes a new model made from ocean material, more specifically, polyamide fishing nets. Developed and produced together with DSM, it marks the first step in making the products more sustainable and can be identified by the Ocean Plastic Logo engraved on the back. This new model contributes to reducing the 640,000 tons of fishing nets that are left in the ocean each year, while boasting 82% lower carbon footprint of the raw material used (Akulon repurposed) compared to traditional Nylon6. The products are also reinforced with 15% glass-fiber to make the product durable, long lasting, and more importantly, meet all electrical safety requirements. Available in Norway by Q4 2021.
  1. The Merten range: Schneider Electric will further expand the family of products made from recycled ocean plastic waste by launching switches made of Ocean plastic in the Merten family as well. These will be made available in Germany, Austria and select European countries by end of Q2 2022.
  1. Cradle to Cradle Certification – Silver: The Merten range of switches are the first in the industry to get a “Silver” level for Cradle-to-Cradle certifications. These switches and sockets are already one of the most prominent players in the German market and now they will also stand for high level of sustainability credibility with these certifications. The Cradle-to-cradle certification for Merten was upgraded to silver in July 2021 this year.

Schneider Electric unveiled more smart and sustainable home innovations at the Paris Marathon on 17th October 2021. Schneider Electric’s Home of the Future exhibition, featuring the new Ocean Plastic range, how to make smart homes sustainable.

See a full smart home installation with Schneider’s Wiser Energy Center at the core, connecting smart plugs, window sensors, heating, temperature and motion sensors EV charging and more in every room, all from the power of the Wiser App.

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