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Making a relationship better with EIC

Our sector has one of the highest divorce rates of all industries with 69.8% of relationships ending in divorce. This is largely due to long hours, time away from home, infidelity or caring for a sick child or parent.

This ongoing difficult period has tried a lot of our relationships. We have spent prolonged periods in each other’s company and experienced the confinement of just one home for weeks. As the world begins to open up and we start to leave our homes we may be thinking more about what our relationships mean to us.

These unprecedented times may have reinforced our feelings of love for our partners or they may have driven you to despair. The Electrical Industries Charity are here to support you if you are going through relationship breakdown or are trying to repair your relationship.

Meet Craig and Donna. Craig and Donna have been having difficulties with their relationship since the birth of their second child 2 years ago.
Donna had previously struggled with severe post-natal depression but with the birth of their first child and again suffered with the birth of their second baby.

Post-natal depression symptoms affect 30-80% of women within the UK and while these symptoms usually dissipate after a few days post birth they can stick around resulting in more severe depression and anxiety disorders. Donna began to experience depression and battled more than ever with her mental health.

Both Donna and Craig struggle with communication.EIC supporting relationships

Communication is one of the key pillars in a strong and healthy relationship, especially during trying times. With two young children in the house and their personal difficulties with communication it became even more difficult to talk to each other. Craig struggled to show his emotions, something more commonplace in men, and Donna thought Craig was simply unfeeling. When Craig and Donna would argue Donna would shut down or hibernate or get angry and defensive.

Their lack of effective communication meant their relationship was becoming more and more fraught.

Recognising the issues in their relationship Craig and Donna began to have relationship counselling – sourced and funded by the Electrical Industries Charity.
Relationship counselling can help you and your partner both you have reached crisis point or once you are there. It can be beneficial to talk with a stranger about your issues and how you can resolve them.

Just as Donna and Craig began to attend therapy the lock-down happened and they were unable to attend sessions nor embed new practices and their communication and relationship has suffered as a consequence. Again, their relationship began to suffer.

They reached back out to the Electrical industries Charity welfare team. With a limited number of charity funded sessions, the couple were fearful the relationship therapy may not be enough to save their relationship and understood they had their own issues to work through.

The charity continued to support both Craig and Donna separately through the pandemic. They were referred to separate therapists to work on their selves and establish different coping mechanisms and communication techniques. Once they have worked through their own issues the Charity will support them in further relationship counselling so they can look forward to a future of being a happy family.

The Electrical Industries Charity are here to support you through relationship breakdown and repair. They understand the challenges which face relationships every day and will work with you to help try and repair your relationship or cope post separation.

If you are struggling within a relationship or need help, please contact the welfare team on 0800 652 1618 or

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