Buyer beware – making procurement safe for the 18th edition

18th edition - Schneider Electric

The 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations builds on the changes, made by Schneider Electric, that were introduced with Amendment 3 of the 17th Edition. The Wiring Regulations establish standards providing rules and guidelines for electricians and contractors for the design, erection and verification of electrical systems with the aim of making installations safer. The byline from Schneider Electric will look into the new requirements of the 18th edition, including the requirement for a surge protection risk assessment on installations in many cases, unless it is decided to install SPDs irrespective or there is an outright requirement to install them in the regulations.  Deepak will offer insight into why when choosing products, it’s critical to ensure you select safe and compliant systems that are tested and validated to the relevant standards and hold the correct certifications and markings. Opting for trusted brands from reputable manufacturers, who provide the relevant technical documentation to support appropriate product standards, can help to safeguard the contractor and end client – bringing peace of mind to the installation. He will summarise the need to find trusted purchasing channels for peace of mind for both customers and the business. For more information about Schneider Electric, please click here