Five revolutionary electronics inventions which changed the world

electronics inventions - reichelt elektronik equipment

Ulf Timmermann, CEO of reichelt elektronik, discusses five electronics inventions which have changed the landscape of modern life… 50 years ago, a computer was still the size of a room and a team of people were required to make it work. Now, we have an array of electronic inventions at our fingertips, from smart sensors, to […]

Designing longer lasting smart home sensors

Woman using smart home sensors via her mobile phone

Why long-lasting sensors are key to designing the home of the future! Home automation has been gaining traction over the past few years, with massive developments in features and relevant technologies. However, these technologies are only as effective as their power source. Here, Michele Windsor, global marketing manager at home automation battery provider Ultralife Corporation, […]

Powering the Military

Powering the Military

The power requirements of military equipment differ to those of many other devices. To guide design engineers when choosing a battery for their military device, global military battery specialist, Ultralife Corporation, has published a checklist highlighting the important considerations.  The checklist, which can be downloaded from Ultralife’s website, consists of five key questions that design engineers must ask themselves before choosing a battery for a military device. The answer to each question will depend on […]