Ex-Or’s Lighting Control for DALI Lighting

Dali64 BEMS from Ex-Or

Ex-Or by Honeywell, the leading global manufacturer of lighting control solutions, has announced the availability of DALI Lighting. Designed to make the benefits of lighting control easier to achieve than ever before, its clever technology is embedded into a passive infrared (PIR) sensor, rather than a traditional DIN rail or riser mounted box, to give a low total cost of ownership, no requirement for additional hardware, and simplified installation. Offering 64 light addresses and 64 device addresses, DALI64 is configured on the DALI 2 open protocol. When used as a standalone system, luminaires are connected via a standard five-core cable or a two-core DALI network cable, and up to 16 scenes and eight occupancy zones can be created to match user needs. Simple lighting commissioning is carried out usingthe intuitive Light Touch app on any smart device, which eliminates the usual problemsassociated with traditional DALI systems. Scenes and groups can be controlled through a variety of methods including a low energy Bluetooth switch, which means no wires and no batteries. Nathan Cole, Global Product Manager at Ex-Or by Honeywell, explained: ‘By using a Light Touch on any smart device, the usual problems associated with traditional DALI systems are eliminated. With no additional controller or hardware, and reduced installation and maintenance costs, DALI64 works equally well in both new and retrofit projects for energy conscious building managers. With greater recognition of the effect that a comfortable working environment has on employee wellbeing, good mental health and productivity, there is a now a significant focus on lighting within commercial buildings. As well as having a negative effect on an individual’s mood and stress levels, poor quality lighting is associated with eyestrain, migraines and headaches, lethargy, irritability and low levels of concentration. A DALI64 system can assist in creating a human centric lighting solution that supports the circadian rhythm by automatically changing tone and colour – from warm white to daylight – in tune with any available natural light. It also considers the time of day, the position of the sun and even the time of year.    Ex-Or’s Nathan Cole concluded: ‘The functionality of this innovative DALI64 lighting control solution puts Ex-Or at the forefront of the drive towards smarter buildings. Maintaining occupational health and wellbeing is vital and a controllable, adaptable lighting control system creates a more comfortable environment that improves productivity, reduces absence through illness and leads to highly motivated personnel.’ For further information please call Ex-Or by Honeywell Marketing on 01942 719229 or email simon.osborne@honeywell.com.