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Top 6 Tips for Maximising Your EV’s Range

The concept of range always comes up whenever one touches upon the topic of electric vehicles (EVs). Prospective buyers want to know if electric cars have the range to back it up and make it worth switching over to. Meanwhile, EV owners are often on the lookout for ways on how to maximise their car’s range to keep range anxiety at bay. Whichever one you may be, there’s no doubt that range is a key factor in ensuring you get a pleasant driving experience with your vehicle.

Fortunately, there are various ways to help you get the most range out of your battery charge. Here are some practical tips on maximising your EV’s range.

1. Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

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While range anxiety is steadily becoming a thing of the past thanks to more charging stations now being installed all over the UK, it doesn’t mean that there’s no longer any merit to planning your route ahead of time. Rather, this can still help you by taking more efficient routes where your car can comfortably cruise at lower speeds so that your battery can take it easy. Planning ahead also means being wary of areas that invite heavy traffic, as frequent stops can take a serious toll on your EV’s energy.

Be particular about the terrain of your drive as well. If possible, try to avoid traversing areas with steep slopes as they require your EV to expend more energy. See if there are alternatives or likewise check if your EV’s navigation system can suggest energy-efficient routes to take. Simply put, the more energy you save, the more range you get.

2. Be Efficient with Charging

Your charging habits greatly affect your battery’s health, which in turn also influences the range of your vehicle. After all, optimum battery output means having more energy to go for a few extra miles. Keeping your electric car’s charge between 20 and 80 percent is generally recommended. To better monitor your EV’s energy, you may also consider getting a reliable EV charger installed by an EV charging point installer so that you can charge up your car at your own time and pace.

3. Mind Your Driving Speeds

Careless acceleration and driving at top speeds can quickly eat away at your battery, thus limiting your range for the rest of the trip. Moreover, hard acceleration often leads to harsh braking whenever a stop comes up and that only further strains your battery. 

To help stretch your range, opt for a gentler acceleration wherein you’re able to maintain a comfortable speed during the drive. Keeping your speed around 60 mph should be enough for energy efficiency without sacrificing getting to your destination on time. As such, smooth driving can net you more range from your EV, so try to stick to it whenever possible.

4. Check Your Tires Regularly

If your tires are underinflated, your car ends up working extra hard to make up for the increased roll resistance. Thus, make sure you regularly check your tires to see if they’re properly inflated and free from damage to prevent additional strain on your EV. As a guide, you may check your EV’s handbook to see what the recommended tire pressure is for optimum performance. 

Of course emergencies can always happen, so try to carry a portable tire inflator with you just in case. Some EVs also have a built-in tire pressure monitoring system, so make sure to always give it a quick check before you take your car out for a drive.

5. Keep Your Cargo Light

More cargo means that your vehicle would need to expend more energy when you accelerate. So as much as possible, try to keep your trunk light to lessen the demands on your vehicle.

Take note that this also applies to external accessories such as roof racks, bike racks, or cargo boxes. If they aren’t frequently in use, consider uninstalling them in the meantime. This is because such accessories can end up adding to your car’s aerodynamic profile which then increases drag as you drive.

6. Minimise Use of Temperature Control

Other functions inside your car such as air conditioning or heating also rely on your car’s battery. Using them sparingly then affords you with more power and thus more range. 

Of course that doesn’t mean enduring a drive where you’re sweating or shivering. For hot days, you may try opening your windows for a while to let heat out before you get in, using a window sunshade, or just opening windows during the drive itself if possible. For cold days, you may opt to preheat your car while it’s plugged in so it stays warm enough as you drive.

Being able to maximise your EV’s range means getting to enjoy your drives without worrying about having to charge up right away. This can be possible through being conscious of your driving habits and aiming for energy efficiency whenever possible. Let these tips help you squeeze out those extra miles from your battery for longer drives and more adventures.

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