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Trace heating can add a lucrative dimension to Electrical Contractors existing services. The most common applications include freeze protection for water supplies and temperature maintenance for fuel, hot water heating for domestic and commercial purposes; and, snow and ice prevention for roof, gutters, paths, ramps and driveways, etc.  Other applications include pipelines, surface area heating, maintain and raise temperatures on all applications. 
All applications have a simple solution – the design and installation of cut-to-length, self-regulating heating cables.  
Heat Trace Limited, a privately owned UK company established in 1974, is globally recognised for their innovation in the world of Electric Trace Heating.  As well as manufacturing and supplying tracing heating cables, Heat Trace Limited can provide full turnkey systems across the whole of the UK. This includes a full design, installation and maintenance package by ETHIC accredited engineers.

Freeze Protection of Pipe Work

Whilst thermal insulation slows down the rate of heat loss from pipes, it is insufficient to prevent freezing if low temperature conditions persist.  A 25mm bore pipe at 5°C that has been fitted with 25mm of thick thermal insulation will reach freezing point within one hour in an ambient temperature of just minus 10°C!
However, an electric trace heating cable, fitted beneath the thermal insulation, will compensate for heat losses and ensure that the pipe temperature remains above freezing, even under the worst conditions.  A simple air thermostat can control the system and will only energise when low ambient temperatures are detected.

Snow and Ice Prevention Systems

Manually clearing of snow and ice is time consuming, temporary, hazardous and expensive.  The installation of an electric heating cable, Heat Trace Limited Freezstopembedded in the concrete, ensures that the area is always kept clear of snow and ice. 
Snow building up on roofs can cause problems.  Melted snow or water can freeze in gutters and drainpipes and build up until the flow is blocked, damaging drains and gutters.  Additionally, water can get into the roof and building, which leads to expensive structural damage such as broken roof tiles, damaged plaster and facades.  Installing an electric heat tracing cable in the gutters and drainpipes ensures that water is kept freely flowing. In all of these applications, a self-regulating heating cable together with an efficient control system, that only energises the heaters when necessary, makes for a very economical system.  When potential hazards are identified, Heat Trace Limited’s systems provide the solutions. 

For more information or a quote, please contact:

Andy Townley
UK Engineering & Sales Manager
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George Warner
Project Engineer & UK Sales
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+44 (0) 1928 726 451
Heat Trace Limited, Mere’s Edge, Chester Road, 
Helsby, Frodsham, Cheshire, WA6 0DJ

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