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Can Online Directories Help Give Your Business the Edge?

With rising competition in the trade world, it can be hard for smaller traders to compete against large organisations. Marketing and brand building can help significantly, but with a limited budget and resources, this can seem like an almost impossible task. The rise of online directories has given sole traders, small organisations and larger groups of traders the opportunity to raise their profile and be seen among a host of other traders. But, how effective are online trade directories, and are they worth the investment?

The fact is, not all trade directories are equally good. We explore why Trust A Trader is a good investment for traders of all sizes and industries. 

Investing in Your Reputation

As an electrician, are you tired of underqualified people or over-chargers giving your trade a bad name? So was Gary McEwen. Trust A Trader is built on the premise that a trader’s reputation is his (or her) livelihood. The vetting system has been created to ensure that registered traders stand out from the rest, and to help customers to choose reliable local traders with peace of mind. 

Personalised Profile

Technology may have come on leaps and bounds, but people still want a friendly, reliable and personal service. Most online directories allow you to create your own profile. This is an opportunity for you to showcase your work. Trust A Trader will provide you with a template; simply update your details and watch the customers roll in.  You can also set up instant links, which allow prospective clients to text or email you by clicking a link on your profile: you get the benefits of being online without the expense or hassle of doing it yourself.

No Commission, No Monthly Fees

When margins are tight enough, traders worry about investing in opportunities such as online directories. All forums vary but Trust A Trader doesn’t charge you commission. What’s more, you can take card payments via the website without incurring monthly fees. This means that, following a minimal initial investment, your profits are yours to keep. 

Multi Media Marketing

One of the biggest problems facing small organisations and sole traders is that they don’t have the time, resources, finances or experience to invest in effective marketing. They may be able to afford a few words in local websites and papers, and a bit of their own social media work, while larger companies pull out the stops and invest heavily in television, radio and online marketing. When it comes to advertising, it is David vs Goliath. Online directories can give David the boost that he needs, helping him to compete against the industry giants. 

Be Part of The Elite

Can Online Directories Help Give Your Business the Edge?A bit of healthy competition is great, but you don’t want a flooded market. Trust A Trader limits the number of traders per industry per location, so that customers will have enough choice, without being overwhelmed.

When chosen well, online directories can help traders to stand out. Members will get all of the benefits of marketing, reputation building and online presence, without having to invest heavily to achieve them. Trust A Trader continue to invest heavily in its traders. The site currently has 4,000 traders registered, and over 1,000,000 visits a year. It is the foremost traders’ directory, targeted at skilled local traders and discerning customers. 

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