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Quinetic Kinetic Wireless Switches – the complete wireless solution.

Change the way you think about installing – the Quinetic range offers an inspired solution for any switching scenario. With no battery required and no wiring to the switch, the applications are limitless. There is no longer the constraint of wiring location and no need to install back boxes or cut holes in the walls. The surface mount plate allows for simple and quick installations and the optional flush box and new grid switch make it ideal for retro-fit. The switches are safe to use and can be installed or placed on walls, ceramic tiles, marble, glass or any smooth surface.

How it works: The Quinetic Wireless switch contains a built-in micro energy generator. Once the switch panel is pressed it generates kinetic energy which is collected in an internal module and converted into electrical energy. This powers the internal module to send out a high Quineticfrequency radio signal to the switch receiver which controls the device that is to be turned on or off.  The energy produced by the Quinetic device is very small so the communicating hardware adheres to strict requirements on low power consumption and wireless transmission. The switches and receivers sync in seconds. One receiver can be controlled by up to 10 switches and one switch can control an unlimited number of receivers.

The Quinetic switch range has a stylish and neat appearance. They are available in a chrome or white finish and include one to three gang switches, dimmable switches, weather proof switches with an IP67 rating, a handy key fob and the latest addition – a grid switch that is compatible with MK grid.

The Quinetic receivers are safe to use and have a replaceable fuse. They can be controlled up to a distance of 30m indoors and 160m outdoors. The socket adaptors allow you to control hard to reach sockets and have a control distance of up to 20m indoor and 110m outdoor. The Wi-Fi enabled receiver and socket adaptor can be controlled with a Quinetic switch or via the Kinetic Switch App. The app has many great functions – use the timer function, create schedules for your devices, create scenes according to the weather or time and turn your devices on or off while you are anywhere in the world. The Wi-Fi enabled receivers and adaptors are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The LED ultra slim Quinetic floodlights are fitted with a built-in receiver for quick and easy installation. The floodlights are available in 10w, 30w and Quinetic Floodlight50w in cool white or warm white.

There are countless advantages to installing the Quinetic range. It reduces the manual labour necessary to install switches and reduces construction costs by up to 30%. The installation process of installing a new light or device is sped up resulting in massive savings in costs. The limitless application of the switches is also advantageous – fast installation in any location. No more dust or noise from drilling, the process is completely clean and with no electricity passing through the switch, is completely safe.

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