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Signs that you need to replace your CCTV Cameras

A CCTV’s primary function is to keep you and your family safe, but what good is it if it’s broken? Certain signs can be spotted that indicate that your CCTV Camera might not be functioning properly.

The most noticeable problems are usually down to the image itself. However, the good news is that spotting the problems may not be as hard as you first thought. Each problem has its own set of unique characteristics, so identifying and attending to the problems is a lot easier. For more on ‘signs that you need to replace your CCTV Cameras’ read on!

CCTV CameraElectrified Surface

It is common knowledge that a good quality security camera should have a clear image. The rule of thumb around professionals is ‘Do not ever mount your camera on a metal surface’. One reason that an “electrified surface” usually appears over the image is because of ‘bleeding’ electrical currents. Improper wiring and the current making contact with a conductive surface often causes “Bleeding”. The current will then move around erratically until eventually, it travels into the cameras, and themetal surface has a lot to do with the behaviour of the current. Since metal is a conductive material, the current will be attracted to the metal as well as the camera, causing a static like image known as an “Electrified Surface”. To avoid this problem either mount your camera on a material other than metal but if metal is the only material you can attach your security camera to, ensure that the camera is not in contact with the metal and add a block of wood or any other insulating material prior to installation.

Sun-Induced Burn Out

If your camera does not state that it is suitable for the outdoors, then there is probably a good reason for that. The sun, however harmless you think it may be, does have the power to destroy your security camera. Direct sunlight travelling to the lens of your security sunlight will eventually encounter your image sensor. This will then create distortions on the glass, but the effect on the image sensor is much worse. The video will begin to look warped, and you will notice things along the lines of blurriness, a change in contrast and then eventually a complete blackout. Monitoring your camera for a few days will help you identify if your camera is suitable for the outdoors if it is not stated on the label. Search for any bright glares, as intense light does not always come directly from the sun – reflective surface can also be as detrimental.

Infrared Cut Filter

If your camera does not contain an infrared cut filter, then it’s safe to say that you will not be able to use it outside. The problem this causes is that your images will appear very bright and turning down your brightness will not help in this scenario. While keeping in mind that you are unable to use this camera outside, note that bright light indoors can still have the same effect on your camera. As well as having problems with brightness in the daylight, it will also have an adverse effect on infrared in the dark. The best solution is to simply purchase a camera that does contain an infrared cut filter and you will not have these problems.

Power Supply

There are many things that can affect the power supply. However, problems that directly relate with your security camera will appear as ‘rolling lines’ on the image. To identify problems with power supply, look out for horizontal lines that move from top to bottom or from side to side. The best thing to do to tackle this issue is to contact an electrician. There are many fatal risks that come with directly fixing a power supply on your own, such as getting electrocuted. So seeking professional help guarantees your safety as well as the chances of the power supply problem getting fixed.

Ground Loops

Ground loops are a complicated problem. They will display themselves as horizontal lines (also known as hum bars) running across your screen. They can be confused with the problems with power supply, but the difference is, the horizontal lines with ground loops remain static while the horizontal lines regarding power supply move.There are many reasons ground loops may occur on your screen, one being improper wiring in your home. The best way to rectify the problem if it comes from faulty wiring is again, seeking out an electrician, as it is not a quick fix. First of all, they need to identify where the faulty wiring is then proceed to change it. The other problem that may cause ground loops is damaged power supplies; this is a quicker fix as if you find the problem is related to a faulty power supply with the cable, you canjust simply swap out the cable.

Electrician Fitting CCTV Camera onto wallChoosing the right company

To makes sure you are getting the best cameras for your money, you need to ensure you do some thorough research and find the best company to do the job. Luckily we did some snooping as well and came across In2 Electrical, they offer their Electricians in Bedford, and their CCTV Cameras in Bedford are particularly popular. They offer high quality yet cost effective CCTV Cameras, and they are definitely worth a try!

A Quick Recap…

Since security cameras are made for surveillance and keeping people safe, conserving them is of utmost importance. However, there are many ways that a security camera can be damaged, but luckily most faults are easily identifiable. To protect your camera, looking our for the problems mentioned prior ensures you will have your camera for much longer, so you will be kept safe for much longer as well!

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