The digital performance of utilities companies: who has the power?

Utilities companies - two pylons

A fluid customer base, increased media coverage of costs and shifting customer preferences have made digital more important than ever before for utilities companies. With competition high, which of the UK’s Big Six, gas, electricity and water companies have the strongest digital profiles? A new white paper titled Utilities & Power: Digital Marketing Review 2018 […]

Back to school – Pupils pose the questions in new NICEIC advert

Darren teaching school children

NICEIC have launched a second TV commercial promoting the use of registered electricians. Kids Questions features NICEIC’s Senior Technical Presenter Darren Staniforth giving a talk about electricity to a group of schoolchildren. The children put Darren under pressure with a series of curious questions about electricity before the tagline ‘With Electrics we are all children […]

Innovations that have changed electrical safety for the better

Electrician working on board adhering to electrical safety

Electricity is something that we may not even think about, it’s become so ingrained into our daily lives, we barely stop to think that just 100 years ago this LED invention didn’t even exist. So how has the electrical trade developed over this time, and what innovations within the industry have been implemented in electrical safety […]