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5 reasons to fit underfloor heating in a bathroom

A major consideration when renovating or starting a bathroom from scratch is underfloor heating. Whilst there is an ever-increasing range of designer bathroom heating to choose from, many homeowners are now turning to underfloor heating as an alternative. Here’s why.

Itreduces costs and improves efficiency

The common-or-garden radiator requires a greater output and therefore more energy to heat a bathroom. Thanks to a design which covers the whole floor space, underfloor heating can be set to a lower temperature yet still achieves the same results. This can save around 10% on energy bills.

Saves on space underfloor heating

With no clunky radiators or visible pipework, homeowners are free to add extra elements to their bathroom design.

Only use it when needed 

Homes are certainly getting smarter and bathrooms are getting smarter too! By using an individual thermostat, the bathroom can be heated exclusively at the times it’s used. Typically, this is first thing in the morning and in the evening.

Safer and more hygienic

With no radiators, there are fewer hard and hot surfaces to contend with, which is ideal for families with young children. Also, as underfloor heating results in less air circulation, fewer dust particles containing germs and allergens are spread around. 

underfloor heatingConsistent comfort and warm feet

Unlike a bathroom heated by a radiator, the floor will remain nice and warm when the system is switched on.

If you’ve ever stepped onto cold tiles in the middle of winter, you’ll understand why this is desirable!

Plus, with the system positioned evenly below the floor, heat is more consistent throughout the space.

Underfloor heating is a great option for many homes. Just make sure you pick a system that’ll work with your client’s chosen flooring.

Preferably, look out for systems which come with a lifetime warranty and full accreditation, so, if there are any issues, you are fully covered.

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