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Megger delivers fast, convenient checking for EV charge points

The new EVCC300 electric vehicle charger checker from Megger is a convenient and easy-to-use all-in-one tool for checking the electrical safety and correct operation of Mode 2 and single-phase Mode 3 EV charge points rated at up to 32 A. Suitable for use with the vast majority of charge points installed in domestic properties, company car parks and similar locations, the EVCC300 is completely self-contained and provides fast results that include invaluable pass/fail guidance.

“With huge numbers of EV charge points already in service, and more being installed every day, we realised contractors needed a fast, easy way of checking their performance and safety,” said Paul Swinerd, Product Manager, General Electrical Test of Megger. “We have developed the EVCC300 specifically to meet this need. We believe it offers the fastest and most convenient way of checking charge points, and it’s equally suitable for rapid non-certification tests on new installations and for regular ‘health checks’ on existing points. We’re confident that users will soon wonder how they managed without it!”

With a robust gun-shaped body optimised for convenient handling, this innovative new instrument offers an extensive range of operational and safety checks. Operational tests include proximity pilot (PP) and control pilot (CP) checks. Uniquely, the EVCC300 not only sets the CP conditions, it also reads the CP code received back from the charger and confirms that it meets the requirements of IEC 61851-1:2017, without the need to use an external oscilloscope.

Safety checks include ground open circuit and ground voltage checks, PE resistance checks and touch-voltage tests. The EVCC300 also checks the tripping speed of RCDs protecting the charge point, which is particularly useful as an aid to diagnosing issues related to nuisance tripping.

Megger’s ground-breaking EVCC300 electric vehicle charger checker can be used directly with Type 2 connectors and is supplied, as standard, with an adaptor for Type 1 (end of lead) connectors. ​

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