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Custom 3-point locking from Essentra Components for RACK Data Cabinets installations

EAE Elektroteknik A.S. is a member of the EAE Group which was established in 1995 to manufacture Low Voltage Electrical Enclosures under the E-Kabin brand. When EAE faced growing customer demands to increase the productivity and efficiency of its data cabinet locking system, Essentra Components developed the existing product into a new single movement locking solution, solving EAE’s customers valuable time and providing improved product satisfaction. 

EAE prides itself in providing robust and functional solutions that effectively meet the needs of its customers, their RACK Data Cabinets are no exception. These cabinets previously featured a 3-point locking system however, due to customer demand, the company decided to develop a more efficient single movement system that would increase functionality whilst still maintaining security.

Having provided EAE with previous standard locking systems, Essentra Components was perfectly placed to supply an enhanced product to EAE. Working closely at every stage of development and discussing the specification of the product ensured the most efficient solution was provided.

 The most important criteria was for the locking system to be linear, which would allow the door to be opened in one movement using a multipoint locking system, but without the need for a gearbox. This meant the lock could be set and opened in one fluid movement saving valuable time for EAE’s customers.

Using its specialist 3D printing capabilities Essentra Components delivered a number of 3D prESSENTRA3363-EAE-case-studyototypes as well as a fully working version, enabling EAE to wholly test the product in application. Any modifications were quickly identified and adapted so that the solution could be quickly delivered to EAE, accelerating the launch of their RACK Data Cabinets to market. 

Ersun Çakmak – E-Kabin R&D Manager at EAE Elektroteknik pointed out that “Not only did Essentra ensure that the product significantly increased ease of use and enhanced productivity for our customers, but they were even able to re-purpose existing components. This meant not only were our customers happy, but the lock came at no extra cost to us.”

The outcome produced significant advantages on many fronts – primarily of course the new design fully met the requirement for quicker, easier opening/closing of the cabinet door. The push-button handle access with lift handle enables opening or closing to be operated in a single fluid movement. No fiddling with catches and keys, just push and flick to open, push and click to close.

Cost improvements came because Essentra Component’s custom solution specialists were able to incorporate some existing components into the new product reducing EAE’s investment in new tooling moulds. This simplified design and use of existing components enabled substantial cost savings.

Naturally, the new solution was designed to fit the same ‘cut-out area’ as the previous locking system, meaning EAE did not need to change the design of their RACK Data Cabinets to fit the new solution. Alongside these operational improvements, the custom solutions team were also able to make improvements to other features of the lock, such as the material. The body is now made completely from a robust zinc composite providing an added layer of security.

Ersun Çakmak explained that “Essentra Components and EAE have a long-standing relationship of over 15 years. By delivering this adapted linear locking system Essentra ensured that we were able to meet the requirements of our customers, significantly improving their productivity and efficiency.” 

Essentra Components continues to build on this flourishing relationship by offering ongoing support. Essentra Component’s forward-thinking R&D team are now in a position to work closely with EAE driving innovation through development of new Access Solutions. 

Further information on Essentra Components or the EAE products can be found on the Essentra Components website –, or contact Follow them on social media:

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