Lighting is about creating a sense of place and atmosphere using natural light, electrical light or a mixture of both. Lighting covers the design of lighting systems, indoor and outdoor lighting, LED and energy efficient lighting. The design process takes account of the kind of activity for which the lighting is to be provided.

When it comes to lighting, the choice of form over function is a constant factor. The look of a luminaire is often shaped by the past, especially where halogen and fluorescent light sources have influenced the design.

The University of South Wales (USW) and the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) have agreed a formal partnership, cementing a relationship which will see the development of a range of specialist lighting courses.


With the global demand for lighting fixtures totalling £72 Billion, Sheffield based BLE Lighting & Power Ltd is launching it's very own range of energy efficient LED lighting, in a bid to half the UK's energy consumption.

In 2015, the UK LED lighting market was estimated to have grown by 38% in value terms, incorporating all finished, mains- operated LED lighting products, domestic and non-domestic used within construction and building.

The global population is currently growing by 1.18% each year, an increase of approximately 83 million people annually.

Tweak, toggle and tinker with the tone of rooms with this revolutionary Smart bulb.

British technology manufacturer Integral has moved to consolidate and grow its new lighting division with the appointment of two industry heavyweights.