Hamilton launches CPD on smart lighting control

CPD training on smart lighting control

Hamilton Litestat has launched a CPD training programme entitled: An ‘Intelligent’ and ‘Smart’ approach to lighting control. Accredited by ‘The CPD Certification Service’, its aim is to educate about new technologies and help trainees and qualified electrical wholesalers/installers up-skill in the area of smart lighting control.  With technology moving at such a fast pace, CPD training helps to ensure that academic and practical qualifications do not become obsolete. Hamilton’s CPD focused on smart […]

Hamilton Litestat are approved to become a CEU Provider

The Hamilton Litestat Education Unit that is to become a CEU Provider

Hamilton Litestat has been approved by international home technology trade association CEDIA to become a CEDIA Continuing Education Unit, CEU Provider.  Hamilton’s training course ‘Essentials in Smart Lighting Control and Audio Systems’, which is run at its facilities in Mere, is now a CEDIA-endorsed training programme, contributing 4CEUs towards this training requirement – CEDIA-certified professionals are required to obtain at […]

Hamilton adds Surge Protection Devices to its circuit protection range

Contour face on with surge protection from Hamilton Litestat

Hamilton Litestat has expanded its circuit protection range in accordance with ‘The 18thEdition’ to include two new Surge Protection Devices (SPDs), providing safeguarding against transients that could prove harmful to connected equipment. Transients originate from lightning or the switching of transformers and motors, and can cause serious injury and potentially loss of life, as well as […]

Albert Valdes to support Hamilton grow its international business

Albert Valdes to support Hamilton

Hamilton Litestat is partnering with Albert Valdes to support the brand’s next stage of business development and growth as it looks to increase its customer base throughout the EMEA territory. Valdes, who is based in Barcelona, Spain, will provide business development consultancy and support services for the electrical wiring accessories provider throughout the region. With […]