Electric cars how likely is it they become the norm?

electric cars - an ev charging point

Electric cars have been around for over a century, and yet they are only just beginning to become a driving force in the industry. With cars rapidly changing, thanks to technological advances, autonomous cars are expected by 2020. An all-electric car future, how likely is it? It’s likely to take time but there is an […]


Charlie Jardine, Founder and CEO at EO Charging at the first Plug in Suffolk charging location

EO Charging, one of the UK’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charging manufacturers, has today launched Plug In Suffolk in partnership with Suffolk County Council and renewable energy provider Bulb. This is the country’s first ‘fully open’ public fast charging network for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, meaning EV drivers simply pay by contactless payment with no […]

Electric car revolution set to create over 1 million new jobs

Electric car revolution set to create over 1 million new jobs

New EV jobs set to more than double losses incurred in traditional car industry Over one million new jobs are set to be created in the European electric car market by 2050, according to a new report from the European Association of Electrical Contractors (AIE). The AIE study found that full electrification of the passenger […]

Rolec EV Expansion Increases Production By Over 200%

Rolec EV Charging station

Lincolnshire based Rolec EV, manufacturer of Europe’s largest range of EV charging points, has announced the opening of a new factory complex to increase production output by over 200%, with the creation of a further 50 full-time jobs.  The new factory will complement Rolec’s existing Head Office, stores, factory and showroom in Boston, which already […]

Electric vehicles brings lifestyle change to Birmingham CEO

Electric vehicles brings lifestyle change to Birmingham CEO

With two electric vehicles (EVs) and more planned for his business in Birmingham, Ben Allan, CEO of Miso, is a recent convert of green technology and has totally changed the way he plans his working day to ensure he always has enough charge in his car. Interested in the concept of EVs and lured by […]